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For those of us have 10+ cats...

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Raise your hand and say hi - I just want to know I'm in good company!

I'm 27, live alone in a big 'ol house I'm trying to renovate, and I have 12 cats currently. My 'high' number was 14 - but I managed to get two of them adopted out to a good family (the plus is, the lady works with my mom - so I get pictures and updates!)

I'm constantly worried that I'm going to turn into 'the lady down the street'. When I grew up, there was an elderly woman down the road who lived in a trailer, rarely went out, and when she did, it was inevitably to go to the grocery store to pick up box after box of cat food, but only a few vegetables and the rare piece of meat for herself. When she passed away, it was found that she had over 40 cats living in her two bedroom trailer! Unfortunately, most of them were put to sleep due to poor socialization, and the fact that I live in a small town, where it is still acceptable to toss a bag of rocks and kittens into a pond to 'clear up the nuisance'.

My biggest problem is that my grandfather lives by a couple different farms, and there are constantly new cats showing up to his house. I take the ones that are either too small to be away from their moms, or have some sort of wound/health problems. Unfortunately, TNR is not an option for me - I've brought it up to my grandfather, and he doesn't feel comfortable with it, as they are not 'his' cats.

Also, my problem was componded by the fact that I waited too long to get one of the stray/ferals neutered. He responded to my kindness by getting two of my female cats pregnant.. they have since all been neutered/spayed. Don't bother to beat me up over this, I do penance for it everyday when I change/scoop the four litter boxes!

Luckily, I have homes for most of the kittens (except for one I fell in love with - total lap kitten!). But I know as soon as I rehome them, I'll be back out at my grandfathers, trying to make a dent in the neglected cat population.

So please, tell me your stories about all your cats, and help me convince myself that I'm not going to end up like the woman down the road!
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I'm a multi cat owner I have 10 right now... and I live in a trailer I AM the crazy cat lady all my kitties are leukemia positive, that's why I have so many, whenever a local rescue group (or my kitty fairy ) finds a positive they give me a call and I can never say no I had a very bad winter, I lost 8 cats in a 3 period to the disease, but as of right now, everyone is very healthy and a happy medium has been reached at last (I had 2 males that wanted to kill each other for about 3 months ) I can't imagine ever not having a big cat family, its nice to lay on the couch with 4 cats piled on ya
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John and I currently have 14 indoor cats, counting the 7 babies. And I have a litter on the way. I worked for animal control for a long time and cannot turn away an animal in need.
Leo & Daisy Duke came to me from John's uncle... a cat showed up at his house a couple years ago and abandoned her kittens there. One of those kittens grew up and had kittens of her own at 8 months old. I took Leo & Daisy to find new homes for them but they stayed here. Their mom is spayed now and John's uncle kept her. Leo & Daisy will be a year old in July.
Tabitha was one of a litter of three that was found by a dumpster with their mom. The people that took them in found homes for all but Tabby and John fell in love with her right away. She'll be a year in August.
Spooky Bear is 7 months old and we found him in our barn when he was 4 weeks old, never did find a momma cat and it was below freezing at night.
Sasha was my former feral... she was dropped off here and I trapped her and brought her in last October. She's 2-3 years old. And we have her 5 kittens, the vet said she was spayed and she escaped a couple months ago.
Missy showed up here already pregnant... she's due any day now. She's 1-2 years old.
Little Spike, 3 months old, is at least half-brother to my beloved Oliver Felix who passed away last year.
And we've got the two bottle babies, whose mother passed away when they were newborn... Sasha has "adopted" them as her own.

When all the kittens are weaned and ready to be adopted, the number in our house will reduce significantly. We'll then have 8 or 9... depending on how many kittens we keep. We're definitely keeping little Hamlet because my boyfriend fell in love with him... and we're keeping one of Sasha's as well. As far as I know, we're not keeping any of Missy's... but you never know, lol.
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Originally Posted by waxlight View Post
Raise your hand and say hi - I just want to know I'm in good company!
You're always in good company on this site

I only have 8 and they keep me busy enough.......for now
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