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Wow.... crazy crazy couple of days...

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So I'm in the midst of finals, negotiating (sort of, more like lobbying) for my new job and trying to look for an apartment in another town (two hours away). Yikes! It's been really crazy!

I called Monday to let the people there know that I wanted the job, but haven't heard back from them yet. I did call their HR person to cover my bases. She's a sweetheart... she was my original contact at the company. I told her that I'd been offered a job and wanted to accept it... but she hadn't been notified by the person that offered me the job. *sigh* I'm getting a little worried. I tried calling again today, but again, no one answered or was there. I'm hoping that the person I need to talk to is just out of the office and not hiding in the backroom when I call.

And man! Finding an apartment with 3 kitties.... the number of places that will take ONE cat are many... but not THREE. Why??? I have perfectly good cats... they don't spray, claw the walls or pee outside of their box... But their response is that everyone says they have good cats. (My response to this is... perhaps they do and you haven't given them a chance?)

My FH and I did find two places... one is a basement apartment that I'm not crazy about at all... it's getting slightly remodeled, but it's definitely a basement. The other place is a really really nice downstairs apartment in a duplex -- but the windows are big enough so lots of light comes in. Best of all... there's a ledge that runs along the wall almost all the way around the house. Can you say Kitty Walk!! Our kids would love it soooo much.... we've got an application in and we've crossed our fingers.

Anyway... I've got to finish a Power point presentation, present it tomorrow and then I'll be done with finals! Woohoo!!!
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Man! Crazy is an understatement! I hope you get the good apt. I know it'll be a nightmare to find one for me & only two of the 6.

Good luck on your presentation tomorrow!
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Thanks! I appreciate it. It's on my master's project and I'm getting really tired of having to defend it to people... No it's not a marketing project, it isn't like earbuzz.com and NO I'm not expanding my project any more!! :P

I'll be SOOOOO glad when I'm done with all of this!
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phew !! things sound busy, busy for you.

Well lots of luck with the job searches and I hope you get somewhere to live that are a bit more relaxed about kitties
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Yikes - make sure you take a breather in all this. The 2nd apartment sounds great - are you going to take it?
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House hunting is such a drag. I hope you get the one you want. I rented a basement apt one time because it was the only thing I could find quickly that would accept cats, and it turned out to be one of the best places I ever had. The ceilings were a little low, but it kept me from having to heat it much in the winter, and it was pretty cool in the warmer months. I loved it. Best of luck to you in all aspects of your hectic life lately.
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
Yikes - make sure you take a breather in all this. The 2nd apartment sounds great - are you going to take it?
I sure hope so... we sent off the application yesterday, and we talked to the owner. She sounds really really nice.

Basements aren't necessarily bad.... but the other one has a shower that really creeps me out. Although if we need to move in there, my FH used to work with the owner and she absolutely loves him.

In other news.... I finally got ahold of the person I needed to say that I wanted that job. She was completely unruffled about the whole thing. Here I am, frantically calling for the past two days because I want to make sure that I make a good impression -- so on and so forth -- "Oh, I was out of the office."

It would have been nice to know that FRIDAY.... I had another interview that I canceled on Monday.... and I could have gone to that one, found out if I'd gotten the job and then chosen the one I liked best if I knew that she was going to be this nonchalaunt about it.

Ah well, I suppose it's for the best. *shake of the head* Now I'll get meself to packing...
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