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potty training ??

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my kitten is growing so quick he only peed yesterday and today after i feed him i tried to get him to go to the bathroom and he wouldnt go for me...so i put him in his bed and he went to sleep on a full belly. then 4 hrs later i woke him up for feeding and to play, and i discovered he had pooped in his box, i was excited he went on his own but is this a good thing??? does this mean i should get a litter box and start to show him how to go to the litter box, he will be exactly 4 weeks old on saturday, s it to early? i was just so proud of my little man =) he pottyed by himself yay
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Good news. Yes, now would be a good time to introduce a little litter box with wheat or newspaper based kitty litter in it. You could also use plain non-clumping litter. This link on Kitten Rescue tells you how to introduce the litter box: http://www.kitten-rescue.com/four_to_five_weeks.html
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okay well i went and bought a kitten litter box set from walmart today it had the box, food dishes, a kitten toy (looks like jacks), bags for the box, and a scooper all for $5 i was soo excited =) and i bought kitty littter, i havent tried to get him to use it yet but i will sometime today =) im glad you answer me looks like your the only one who does lately thank god for you
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Originally Posted by iilovetuelxo
it had the box, food dishes, a kitten toy (looks like jacks), bags for the box, and a scooper all for $5
Good find!
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ooops sry i was reading over my thread and i noticed i sayd he was gonna be 4 weeks nope im gettin ahead of myself only 3 weeks. now is that to early to show him? i still help him pee after every feeding and i try to help him poop but he only poops on his own now lol
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For small kittens, I start them out with a aluminum cake pan - its more shallow then the normal small litter pan.
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oh really i didnt evn think of that..did you use liter? or i heard about shreded newspaper and i think wheat?? im not sure about the wheat tho, and if you used litter what kind?? thanks for the help
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yes about a cup or two of litter. And keep the pan on a towel or tile floor for easier clean up. As they get bigger, you can put the normal pan with litter along side the smaller pan. When you switch, put the "used" litter in the new pan so he knows where to go.
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