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I'm going to check out that book. It does sound like I work for the Dragon Lady
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Yep... Going through the same thing at work! They are hiring for a position that I am more than qualified for yet I am not a consideration... So I am trying to get my younger sister (who has no experience) the job! I've been here two years!
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva! View Post
Oh my GOD I can only repeat LAWSUIT!! That is not only unfair, but harassment. You have a legitimate claim.

On top of that infringement of employee confidentiality. I wouldn't care about the "good" reference. I would've said my good byes right there and tell them they would be talking with my lawyer shortly.
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
For those who don't know, the job that I have been doing for the past 2 years became permanent and I had to apply for it. I failed to get the job and have been given my walking papers (end of contract) for the 30th of May.

I had yesterday off from work as I have to use all of my overtime hours before the 30th. Today I go into work to find out that the girl that got "my job" didn't even last a month and Resigned yesterday. I wasn't told in a timely manner and had to find it out for myself. Then my boss calls me into her office to tell me. She also informed me that they had taken on a summer student (with absolutely no training in the field) to take the job. I'M SORRY, but this girl didn't interview for the job, does not have any qualifications and has no clue what she's doing. On the other hand I wanted the job, interviewed for the job and have the qualifications for it.

I was a bit insulted that I wasn't even asked. I think they just want rid of me and I don't know why. I have done everything they wanted me to do. I worked overtime, weekends, events, was the most flexible person they had when it came to taking over projects or filling in for people not there I was the one they came to and I did my job on top of that! I don't know why I am suddenly a leaper.

Would you not be insulted?
I once had something similar happen to me. They "were holding the job open, so .... could get in her application." I was an insidier, with experience, and .... was an outsider. She lasted less than a month--her hubby didn't want her to work! Did they then offer the job to me? Nope!

Last year, a position in my department (which I had done for a stint years before, and was more than qualified for), vacacated. I had waited 20 years for this to happen--and I really wanted that job! It was down to 3 applicants--myself, another person in the system, and a total outsider, who never worked in this line of work, which is specialized. Guess who they hired? The outsider! I felt so hurt and insulted. I've worked in this place since 1982; but, as far as I'm concerned, screw any remaining loyalty I have for them. They've done nothing but use me for for all of those years, and I get nocredit for all of my great ideas, streamlining, and hard work.

I think, with your skills, you'll find a great job soon! Best Wishes!

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