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A vet with a heart...

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For those of you who may have seen my post when I lost my cats (four of them) You will know how upset I was. If you haven't seen it you can find it in the Cat Lounge under "I am heartbroken (Please immunize)"
I was pleasantly surprised at the mail today I received A sympathy note on how I made the right dicission in putting 3 kittens down after 1 had already died of feline distemper. I recommend this clinic to all in Dartmouth , NS Can. area (They have been with us and our other 2 cats a long time)I tried to post the card but it had to be shrunk too much. WYSE ROAD ANIMAL HOSPITAL
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mom of 3
I remember your post.
It's so wonderful that your vet is kind and caring enough to let you know he understands how very difficult it was for you to lose those four beautiful cats!
If you haven't already done so, please also read the very beautiful and comforting Rainbow Bridge poem which you will find at the top of this forum.
My thoughts are with you.
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How tragic for you to lose your babies. I am also very impressed with the kindness of your vet. It is so rare for a vet to care that much about the well being of the owner. It took so much courage for you to make such a decision.
I know your heart must be broken, but I believe our loving Father will allow you to be with them some day. I do hope that God blesses you with comfort and peace. You are a brave person. Please continue to visit with us, and let us know when you are able to get a healthy kitten or cat. God bless.
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