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Is there any way i could somehow put a picture on her of one of the kittens, i do not know if they are to small..i do not have a scale
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Yes, you can. Sign up with an image hosting web site like, upload your pictures to there and then I think it's the third line you need to copy to here. The line with [ IMG ]
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This is the largest one of the two.. what do you guys think? i have never seen a newborn before
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That kitten looks a little bit premature, although it's a bit difficult to tell for sure. This page on Kitten Rescue tells you about them:
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Here are some pictures of 'normal' newborn kittens

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I got realy concerned when i saw your pictures so i went to check on them, they were Sooo cold, i picked them up and am warming them up in my daughters baby blanket,i also bottle fed them a little
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Wrapping them in a blanket won't do a whole lot to keep them warm, as they can't generate their own body heat. They rely on an outside source (usually the mumcat) to stay warm.

Get a hot water bottle or even a soda bottle filled with hot water. Wrap it in a thin towel and place the kitten on top to get warm. You can also get a long sock, fill it with uncooked white rice and either tie a knot in the end or use a quick stitch to sew it closed. Put it in the microwave for about a minute. You want it very warm but not burning hot. Put this in with the kittens.
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Don't feed cold kittens. When they become hypothermic (very cold) thier digestive system shuts down and they can vomit whatever you feed them. I'd recommend making up some home-made Pedialyte and giving each kitten 1cc (1ml) every half an hour for the next few hours.

Home-made Pedialyte

* 1 cup water (boiled then cooled)
* Small pinch of baking soda
* Small pinch of Salt
* 2 teaspoons of sugar

Mix all ingredients well. Make sure the mixture has been slightly warmed before feeding to your kitten. The mixture will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Feed 1ml (1cc) every half an hour for the first two hours using a dropper or feeding syringe. Also make sure your kitten is on his tummy and not his back when you feed. Feed very slowly so the fluid does not go down the wrong tube and choke your kitten.
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That baby does look a little small.

Send lots of hugs for you and kitty's. Hope they are ok this morning.

Please keep us updated
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number one died a hour ago, I am bottle feeding number two,a dn stimulating so he can go potty but he is only peeing and his tummy is swollen and little i also tried running his bottom under warm water and rubbing but no poop yet,, I am so sad i hope i do not lose them all, plus mama callie kitty is so sad looking,
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Oh heck, I am sorry to hear this latest, I am sending my best wishes and vibes that things go well for the other one

Do keep us posted and fire away with any questions theres lots of experienced members that can advise you

Hang on in there gal - you're doing great
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Would a heating pad work? Just curious.. My kittens are nice and warm, but yes, that one looks a little premature. And I am very sorry that #1 died.. I wish you the best with these babies.
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RIP little one.
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I have hard somewhere that you are not supposedto use a 'human' heating pad. But it is safe to use an animal one. So I guess is you dont have one of those, stick with the bottles of hot water, and the rice sock.
I am so sorry he/she didn't make it. I wish you the best for number two. Is that the one the picture is of?
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that is number 2 he is a sweet little thing.. but i think he id dieing too, if callie kitty is not nurseing do i still have wait to spay her?
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No, she can be spayed straight away. This will also help her milk to dry up. So sorry to hear that the other baby isn't doing too well.
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the last one is gone, it died a few minuts ago. R.I.P little ones,
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So sorry. RIP babies.
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we lost all three kittens, the last one died a little while ago, R.I.P little ones My heart is broken.
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Oh this is so sad! I hope you are doing ok i know it does hurt a person when the animals in their life pass away. I am so sorry R.I.P you sweet lil angels
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You did so well with them. They are warm and happy now. Please keep us up to date on how Callie is doing.
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oh my I am sorry to hear that the little ones have passed They were tiny ones and were not for this world, bless them You did your very best for them !

I am sending my thoughts to you and sweet Callie, I hope she is in good health
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