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anyone a dentist?

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I went to the dentist today. Good news-no cavities

Bad news-my tooth might be reabsorbing itself

They saw what looked like a piece of my tooth missing on the x-ray but when the poked and prodded at it with their tools and floss they could not feel it. So I will have to go to a specialist who will cut down my gum and see if she can find something. They will try to save it but if it is absorbing itself they will most likely have to pull it and put in an implant It's the tooth right after(as in behind, closer to back of mouth) my bottom right (my right not someone looking at me's right) canine.

The dentist said that it is one of the things that they don't know what causes it but it was nothing that I caused. I really hope they don't pull my tooth, but they said if that is what is wrong with it then it is dying and they cannot stop or slow it. Has anyone heard of this?
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I have no idea what that is..but want to send you the best of luck. Tooth troubles are the worst.

I also went to the dentist today, and luckily had a clean bill of toothiness..except for a little wisdom tooth action I will have to get it out in the next 6 months

I feel your pain
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Thanks, I need to have those out too but not for a years or two. I dread that so much. i hope it goes alright for you though!
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Hmm. My sister works at a dentist's office. I'll ask her about this and post what she says. (She's a dental assistant, but knows almost as much as the dentists do!)
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Ok, thanks for asking and tell me what she says, I want to know my "chances" even though I'm pretty sure they are not too good.
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Hmm one of my cats has something like that...no experience with it in humans, though. I hope it turns out OK for you.
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There seems to be a lot of teeth/dentist threads lately ever since I had my wisdom teeth removed!

That is strange that your tooth is being reabsorbed into your body - I wonder how that happens? A little microbial action maybe?

Getting wisdom teeth out is not as bad as I expected. Whew!
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I read somewhere a while back; If a tooth is pulled and the patient later feels like there is something in there, under the gum, (where the tooth was pulled) not to worry, it will be absorbed. But a 'working ' tooth being absorbed . . .
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My mom works at a dentist office and she said sometimes when a tooth doesn't break the skin completely, the gum will grow over the tooth. You will have to get the gum cut over the tooth so it's on the surface again.
I actually have one wisdom tooth that's just like this. The gum covers one cover of the tooth. I never understood why my dentist shook his head about it. In my case the gum hasn't grown over the tooth but the tip of the tooth is the only part that is above the gum.
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