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Tuesday's DT

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Howdy all! How is life treating you today? The new Shania Twain CD is out today (about bloming time) and the animated DVD Spirit. I am going to Best Buy tonight to buy then for me and form my friend's birthday. I am also going to pick up a get well present for my grandmother. Something she can take with her and do while she is in the hospital and in rehab. She will be in the hospital for 1 wk and rehab centre for at least 3. I think I will either get her a nice cross stitch or adult colouring book - she loves those. She has asked the whole family over tonight to say goodbye to her and I will give her the present then. It will give her something to look forward to beyond the surgery.

Hope everyone is having a nice day.
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Ady...what is wrong with your grandmother? Hope she gets better soon.

Not much going on here today. Not a very productive one, if you ask me. I can't concentrate on work.

We are having our Christmas party on saturday and I just went out and bought a cute dress (I was supposed to stick to a pant suit this year). Anyways, I ended up buying a sleevless dress (yikes! I'm being brave) It's red with black lace draped over it and tiny black shimmering flowers (you can hardly see them). Later today, I have to go to the other store downtown. I am buying the shawl to go with the dress but they were all out. Anyways......a little nervous about wearing something like that but I am looking forward to playing dress-up. I figured I'd wear some color this year. Normally it's black or navy.

I have to meet Steven's teacher tomorrow. He got his report card and I am contesting something it says. Mind you, his report card is very good (mostly B's) But....she had a comment that went something like this: "Steven, most of the time, can spell and read according to what is requested". Well, since the beginning of school, he has had 10/10 on every spelling test. He grabs anything and everything and reads to us without any problem. I actually am impressed that he seems to be succeeding so well. Guess I am just a little disappointed in the comment. I was expecting it to say something else. Mind you, no-where is it written he is not successful in school. I just think he deserves more than a "most of the time" comment. Guess I am really playing mother-hen. I wrote her a letter and the school called me today to set up a parent-teacher interview.

Well...hope everyone is having a great day.

I shall tackle some work now!
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hey guys and gals.

I never get to do the DT...not enough time in my day sometimes But I read Ghys' post and it made me think I should reply. My son got his report card yesterday as well...he did well and is "proficient at the 1st grade level". Nothing outstanding, but nothing bad either. I am hapy with that, just as long as he is trying his hardest and behaving in school then I am happy.

I just sent hubby off to the doc. He was up all night with an earache. He is so anti doctor, he hates taking medicine or even going in for an appt. But I convinced him, he has missed 3 days of work in 2 weeks due to illness and quite frankly he needs to take something. So he is there now, for sure he is cursing me up and down.:tounge2:

I hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday. Adios amigos!!
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Ady - I hope your Grandmother gets better soon.

Whiskers Mum and Dtolle - both your children sound as if they are clever kids despite what their report cards said.

My Tuesday was going well, managed to get loads of work done so I am now up to date when for when I go on my long weekend holiday on Thursday.

I then got home and the Cats protection sent someone over to look at Whatsit, they really liked her and took my little baby with them. I am missing her already as I normally spend most of my evening with her in "the cat room" reading or doing some work. I think I am going to have a good cry and give my 2 kitties some extra love tonight.

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Running errands and got my hair cut. After a year-and-a-half of snipping and experimenting, I found a picture in a wig catalog and said "that's it!" Waiting to see what Bill says, when he gets home.

Rowdy has figured out how to knock over the baby gate. Its held in the doorway, by pressure and, if it gets hit just the right way, over it goes. That little cat gets more and more ornery, every day. Tomorrow is the full moon. I may just stay in bed with the covers over my head!

Have a good one.
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Hey all! Had a bad night, knee was killing me. I couldn't bend it on my own, and getting out of bed to get ibuprofen was a nightmare. I was shaking and in tears by the time I got back into bed. It's a lot better today, but I'm not going to sit in front of my computer all day. When I sit at my computer, I tend to curl up with my leg under me, twisting my knee. That's fine for an hour, but I've been doing this all day every day for 2 weeks. My body finally said ENOUGH! So I'm gonna spend the day camped in front of the TV and watching the food channel! What a terrible shame that is! I'm just glad I can walk today.
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What is DT?
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Daily Thread?
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Originally posted by DragonLady
What is DT?
It is a thread where we can all get together and talk about how our day is going.
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I thought it ment 'Down Time' lol.

My day was naff That's all I can say otherwise I would have to beat you all with a mickey mouse balloon.
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What's Naff?

BTW - don't abuse poor old Mickey Mouse - he is a senior citizen you know!
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Speaking of Mickey Mouse....

I was actually thinking of going back to work at Disneyland....

crazy idea... but I may do it (I could always use extra gas money!)

We'll see...
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Ady Naff = Awful, rubbish, crappy, dull etc etc....
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