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Cute rescue story

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My coworker's neighbours cat got stuck in a tree..like 100 feet in the air..

The owner of the cat left it there unrescued for FIVE DAYS It would have costed $150 to get the FD to come get the cat down...They did not want to pay.

That part is sick I know

My coworker's husband (who is a burly construction worker ) was so worried about the cat, he got the volunteer firefighters to go rescue it for a 6 pack of beer

Anyway, the cat has been rescued finally, and the hubby called me today to see if the cat would be okay. (Not the cat owner, a stranger to the cat). The cat (Willy) is eating and drinking normally..I told him they should keep an eye on him because he wasn't eating or drinking for all those 5 days.

I just think its cute that a manly construction guy cares so much about a cat that isn't his

Do you all think the cat will be okay?
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Aww I hope so!

A vet check would be ideal but if the owners weren't willing to pay $150 for the FD to come I doubt they'll be paying for a vet check.
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Now this is a real man I hope the cat will be okay. Doesn't sound like his owners will worry about taking him to the vet.
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That is a nice story (except for the owner's negligence). It reminds me of a story of my own.
I was sitting in the vets office waiting for a room when some guy runs in the door with a cat in a towel and says: "The a$$hole driving in front of me hit this cat and left it for dead!" Unfortunately, the cat died right after he said that. But I was happy to know there were nice people who cared enough to help an animal in need like that.
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