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Poor Kinah!

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My poor little girl got her paw stuck last night while she was jumping down from a shelve and hurt her paw. It was only stuck for a split-second but I think she pulled something.
It's not broken and she doesn't mind me touching it, but she's been limping since. But she was still well enough to jump on my lap, attack my hair and do her usual playful bite.

So now I'm off to take her to her vet appointment.
I just managed to put her in the carrier and she is NOT happy.

Poor baby. I don't like seeing her hurt. And now I worry that she'll hurt herself some more in the carrier.

Keep your fingers crossed for her.
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Oh poor baby! I hope it's just something really minor! Poor thing!
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Lots of vibes for the little sweetheart I hope she feels better ASAP!
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Sending vibes that little Kinah makes a quick recovery!
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well, we're back from the vet and it seems that she'll be fine. Her knee is apparently a little swollen but nothing's broken. The vet said to keep an eye on her and if it doesn't show any improvement to call back.

I wish I could take the pain away, but she'll just have to endure it for a little longer and things should get better. Until then, she'll get lots of snuggles and treats to compensate.
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Aww, poor Kinah. She will get better mommy-just take some time.

Keep us posted on her please...
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Aww! Glad to hear she'll be back to herself pretty soon!
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Aw - poor baby! I'm glad nothing is broken! She just needs lots of cuddles and love now!
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I'm so glad nothing's broken! And I know what you mean -- it's so hard to see them in pain. But at least the pain helps discourage them from jumping too much and re-injuring themselves. I hope your little one heals quick!
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Thanks everyone

I think Kinah is officially insane! Either that or she wants to drive me crazy. Just a few seconds ago, I turned my head and see little Kinah perched on top of the railing by the stairs. That railing is about 2-3 inches wide and she could have fallen into the stairs.

And the vet told me to try to keep her from jumping around too much. Yeah... that's gonna happen
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Poor baby - doesn't seem like her injury is going to slow her down much!
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