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Why does she talk to birds?!

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I have seen Gem silently catch and bring us mice, voles etc, but I saw her watching a few birds today. She made the strangest noise, a sort of chattering noise, as if she was talking to them! She is a VERY vocal cat, always talking to people, but I told her that the birds would fly away if she spoke to them! Mind you, that would be a good thing, I quite like her to keep the mouse population down, but not the birds.

Anyone know why she does this?
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Ivo chatters at her "prey", too. She used to chatter at the pigeons, but now she saves it for any that are right below her window, or the neighborhood squirrel. Maybe they do it because they are so excited? I'm not sure she'll scare the birds away-the pigeons will get up in the windowsill to look at Ivo now.
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Ronnie chatters at all flying things - birds, flies, moths, bees etc. I think she is just excited.
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Yeah, Fifi does that when the birds are at the feeder on the tree. My other 2 don't do it though.
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Cooper does the same thing.... only to the ants.....

The love to march up and down my kitchen counter.... Cooper loves to "talk" to them... makes me laugh...

I should video tape her and send it into Funnies Home Videos!
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Fred chatters at squirrels through the window. When he was an indoor/outdoor cat, he used to love to chase them, and was pretty good at catching them. In the Southern part of the US, squirrels are very small. When we moved to Kansas City, MO, the squirrels out there are HUGE. Fred went after one, and it turned around and hissed at him! I thought he was going to wet his little kitty britches. He doesn't have any interest in chasing them any more.
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Kansas City Killer Squirrels on the loose! The image of the squirrel scaring Fred the cat is just too funny! Thanks for the laugh.
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when i first starting living with cats, a friend told me they chatter like that in an attempt to "sound like a bird" - to try and get the birds!!

then i read in an article recently that they chatter like that when they can't get to the birds - if there is a window in the way, for example. maybe they do try to sound like a bird! who knows, but i LOVE listening to it!
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Dani "chatters" at flying insects and spiders. Whenever I hear her, I know there's a bug in the area either inside or outside her window. I think she's given up on chattering to the birds.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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I had a cat that did that before. I think she was saying something like "Here, Birdie, Birdie!"

Also, a mother cat has a special voice she uses when talking to her kittens.
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