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Planning a holiday, will cat be ok??

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We're going on holiday for a week in July, & are a bit concerned about leaving Max as it'll be the first time we've holidayed since we've had him(3 years). He's an indoor cat(we live in a top floor flat), although he's become obsessed with going out of the flat into the stairwell recently & having a bit of an explore, luckily he's not brave enough to go out into the big wide world yet. Anyway, we've arranged for someone to come in about 12 noon to feed him, then about 6 o'clock to feed him, do his litter change, & sit with him for a couple of hours. We're just a bit worried about how he will cope with this change in his routine, as he's not really used to having other people around?
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I can sympathise with you on this matter - its a worry when we leave our kitties.

But the best thing is Max is in his own house, which of course he is familiar with, and knows where everything is, like the cat litter tray

Is you cat-sitter a friend and met Max before ? if so then he will at least be used to their scent - but if not I am sure Max will be fine, he may be a little shy to start of with but if the cat-sitter plays with him, then I am sure he'll come round. Your sitter should also feed Max in his regular feeding place, so as not to confuse him.

If you leave a light on for Max at night, please use those plug-in night lights for children's rooms, we had a very, very sad report of some cats knocking over a lamp and burning the house down I understand they sell them at Argos if you don't already have some, just a thought

Anyway, at least you know he will be safe, fed and entertained, so try to focus on that and enjoy your holiday

Have a good trip and let us know how Max went on
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You have a good plan set up IMO.
Max will miss you and be a bit sad but he will get by and technically be ok.
The fact you have someone willing to hang with him a bit will help tremendously.

btw - that's a GREAT pic of Max "flying"!
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Before you go on vacation - have the cat sitter come over a few times to judge the reaction of him and the sitter. By the time vacation comes, he should be used to this person coming in and spending a little time with him.
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Not long till the holiday now, getting worried!
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Originally Posted by freig View Post
Not long till the holiday now, getting worried!
aww why ?
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He's never been left on his own for more than one night before. We've got 2 different people coming in twice a day to feed him & change his litter, and we invested in a couple of night lights, so we're doing all we can, but he's just not used to being left on his own overnight. Fingers crossed all is ok though.
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aww well I am sure he'll be fine - it will be a bit odd at first but they do settle quickly ! He might be a bit moody with you when you come home or on the other hand he might want tons and tons of loving
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Thanks for your replies, I'm sure he'll adjust, probably by sleeping more. I'll try not to worry too much!
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And when you return, don't be surprised if he gives you the cold shoulder

Now Charlie was opposite (after camping) - he would follow us all around demanding extra attention
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I think he will be fine. As long as someone comes in to take care of his needs he should be ok. He may be a bit lonely while your gone but that's about it. Have a nice vacation.
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