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Hi all

One of the barn cats, Astro, is worrying me a lot. He is not eating- wont touch anything, not even sardines- looking thin (not at all normal for him), is acting lethargic, doesn't look right...

I can't afford to take him to the vet. I have no money, and I doubt my parents would let me take him to the vet anyway.

What can I do for him? I know he is really old, but don't want him to suffer at all.

I was thinking about syringe feeding him, but I don't know what?

Help, please don't beat me up for this, he is a barn cat and I don't have money...
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If you can syringe feed him... meat stage one baby foods might be easiest
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Okay thanks I'll get some of that... Or would pureed raw meat work?
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I'd probably cook it first. If he's weak, there is a risk of the bacteria from the raw meats causing a problem--it's not an issue in healthy cats, but it can be in sick kitties. Mine like boiled chicken.
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Okay, thanks. I syringed some catmilk into him, and pureed meat as well.. he isn't looking very good, just lazing around..
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Could you call a vet and ask for advice without being charged for it. Just a thought.
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Sometimes people and animals alike stop eating before the end of their life. It's natural. Sometimes food is uncomfortable for them. If the syringe doesn't work, give Astro all the love you can and savor each and every moment. I do so hope it's just a bug and the food 'picks him up'. Anything is possible. He is sure to acknowledge the caring, good intention and love you are giving him at the moment. Best of luck!
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Thanks guys.. I'm going to continue syringe feeding him. How much food do you think he'd need in a day?

I'm hoping it isn't his time yet... He is such a sweet old man...
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