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How long is too long for them not to open their eyes??

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Well Tosca and Shakesphere have still not opened their eyes!! They are 2 weeks old today, and 3 weeks next week! How long is too long? Shakesphere did have puss in one eye.. I am thinking we need to take these babies to the vet.. And of course take momma, or she will have a panick attack! And you have to take momma too. Thank you for reading!
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Yes, two weeks is an unusually long time and I'm glad you're taking them to the vet. Normal time is between about 6-11 days at the most.
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We aren't taking them to the vet.. But I am wondering if I should?? I am an inexperienced person with babies. I will probably call our vet, and see what they would want to do. My mom will probably go by what the vet says.
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Sorry, I misread your post. Yes, the vet is a good idea. In the meantime, try gently wiping each of the kitten's eyes with a cotton ball dipped in warm water. Use a different cotton ball for each eye and each kitten.
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The Q-tip worked on Shakesphere! Now the one eye needs to open more, now Tosca needs hers open too! She hasn't even started opening hers.. But I have the Vet's number right next to the computer. And the phone too! But my grandma did the wiping this time, and she got their eyes better than me! I am soo happy that she did it! And she looked at all kittens. I don't know if the Q-tip would be harmful.. Would it? Because when these babies scream bloody murder, theres momma! Shes a good momma cat though. Which I am very proud of her. I am going to give Tosca Wednesday, and Thursday, to see if they open, and if they aren't, then I will call the vet. Because we are kind of tight on budget, and I know how much taking care of kittens is! A lot of work!
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No, the q-tip won't harm them as long as you/grandma are gentle and use only the pressure that you'd use on your own eyelids.
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Cause I don't know where the cotton balls went.. But I'm glad that worked. My grandma used to be a nurse, so I think she knows what she is doing. Probably does. I'll keep doing it with all kittens, so that their eyes can stay clean. And is there a good kitten eye solution at Petsmart? Or somewhere? That is specially for baby kittens?
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I use something called Normal Saline. You'll probably find it in the contact lens section. Be sure not to get actual contact lens solution though. Don't wipe too often - 2-3 times a day is plenty.
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Normal Saline. Ok, We'll try it! Thanks!! I hope Tosca opens her eyes soon!
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Have her eyes opened yet Spirita?

So is it possible, that these kitties, have different fathers? And that Tosca was just conceived later than the others? So she would be premature and not developing as fast or? Just a thought...

good luck and i hope that her eyes open
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Almost all kittens will have open eyes by 14 days old - if there is puss or other problems with the eyes, they need to be seen by a vet.
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Nope, she hasn't opened them yet.. And Shakesphere's eyes have gotten worse.. They have the most crust on them. My mom wants to avoid the vet visit, and she wants me to call them and see what advice they give us. And maybe I can convince her to take them to the vet. And Tosca was the first born.
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You don't want to risk the kittens having permanent eye problems or sight impairment by not doing anything but I do understand that you're in a difficult position.
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Hmm, well that is really too bad that she won't take her to the vet. call the vet and see what he suggests. You may want to call two of them, if possible, to get a second opinion.
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I called them, they said that she should open her eyes in a day or two. And they said for Shakesphere's eye gunk that we should bring them in, and man was she rude! All the people except the vets are rude! Their secratary's are very rude!! But little Shakesphere just needs his eyes wiped, and my mom and I are going to get some medicated eye stuff for them all.
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I think you'll find the eye meds to not be too Ripley had conjunctivitus as a kitten, and I think a tube of her eye ointment was only like $7.00 at the vet's.
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hmm, not too bad, could be worse! Hunter had these same problems as a baby, he had eye problems until we got him to the vet. :p Now he is a healthy almost 2 year old cat! But Tosca is starting to open her eyes! After I wetted Shaksphere's gunk down, he opened his eyes, and was like.. "I can see! Look mommy! I can see" lol Thats what he was like! But I do believe his eyes hurt! And I have to wash them again! Oh well, we let these babies come into the world, and it is a handfull! I like handling them a lot! lol, but with care! They are still very fragile! And momma cat comes to their screaming, Chubs doesn't scream like his siblings do! lol, he is a brave little guy! Love him.. I want to keep him, but I know he will be MUCH better off somewhere else. But, I know these little kittens will have a good life, as long as my mom doesn't kick them out at 4 weeks of age.. (meaning kicking them outdoors!) Because suddenly Mika is out of heat.... Its strange!! And she did get out a few times for like 15 min. - 25 min. I hope she has not been bred.. But I bet she has been.. I tried to keep her in, I really did. And everytime she saw the chance when I was taking Whisper out, and not paying attention she darted out that door!

Another thing, she can get under doors! She is a little thing!! Trim build like a Siamese.
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Ask the receptionists at the vet's office if you can talk to the vet. Explain the situation and that you need some ointment for the kitten's eyes. The pus will continue even with his eyes opened and you should still treat it. The vet MAY let you buy just the ointment without having to bring everyone in and as someone else said, it's under $10.
I hope you are able to take them all to the vet soon. I know other people have mentioned rescues and such to get lower cost vet treatments and spays. Perhaps you can call some, find out how much things will cost, and then present the information to your mom. Perhaps offer to do extra chores around the house in exchange.
If your mom does decide to kick them out of the house at 4 weeks, it might be an idea to have a rescue take over at that point.

Good luck!

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