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R.I.P Little Cat

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Ok I better write this quick so I don't start crying again...

Me and my mom were driving in the car when there was this little black cat lying dead in the road. The poor little thing had obviously just been hit because there was blood running out of his/her mouth and all down the road. So obviously it had to be on my side of the road so I saw it and what did I do? I burst out crying and I just couldn't stop.

So R.I.P Little Cat

Okay I've started crying...AGAIN. I gotta stop
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That poor little kitty. At least he/she is in a better place now, playing happily and knowing nothing but love. RIP precious one.
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Oh RIP little sweet kitty..Play happily at RB.
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RIP sweet one - have fun over the Bridge
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Poor kitty.

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The poor baby Run fast over the bridge sweetie pie, you'll be safe there

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Poor kitty. She´s well now and playing in cats heaven.
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poor kitty, i'm sure it was quick so he/she knew nothing about it. It must have been horrible seeing it like that, poor u. RIP little one
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Poor little buddy. May he rest in peace...

I dread ever having to run over a cat..I don't know if I could drive again, I would be heartbroken
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R.I.P. kitty.. the first thing that i thought was "this is why it is so dangerous to let the cat outside"..
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Poor little kitty...I hope it had a quick trip to the RB.
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RIP little black kitty. I hope you didnt suffer.

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RIP baby kitty!!

Thats so sad......sorry you had to see that.
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Aw, poor little sweetie. Rest peacefully, honey and play happily over the bridge!
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RIP sweet little kitty
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Ooohhh!!! So sad!!! I feel terrible 4 the owners wat if they drove by saw it and recognized it!!!
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