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More healing vibes and positive thoughts to you and Twinkie. With your love and TLC she'll have the best chance possible.
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Gizzie, try doing a search for FECV on this site and on the web; I'm sure you'll find loads of info. Also, talk to your vet; write a list of questions so you don't forget anything. He sounds as if he's doing a good job taking care of Twinkie. Like you, I'd be concerned about my other babies, too. Get all the info you can from every source you can find.
Sending all the (((healing vibes))) I can to your precious girl.
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Thank you guys so much for the healing vibes please keep them coming Twinkie really really needs them. I spoke to my vet this morning and he said TWinkie can go home today but with a list of instructions. I am going to probably separate her for a while until she feels better. I am worried that Tweetie will pick on Twinkie and I won't be there to defend her. The boys really love her they would not hurt her but Tweetie is a little monster some times. Twinkie's temp is going down slowly but it's a huge thing for her right now. She came in with 106.3 temp and she is now at 104 so it's getting better. She probably has a long road for recovery but I am just thankful that she is doing a little better. I will write all my questions down for the vet to answer. I am still praying for my little Twinkie and hopping that she gets 100% better very soon. The vet tech said Twinkie even gained some weight since she has been at the clinic. She is eating not as much as she used to be she is interested in her food which more than I can ask for right now. Please keep those healing vibes coming they seem to be helping Twinkie.
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Sending lots of good thoughts for your kitty....
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Oh my, I hope she gets better soon! I am definitely sending vibes to both you and your kitty!
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Sending BIG hugs and vibes for a quick and thourough recovery
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I would definitely keep her separated. From the little bit I read last night, it sounds like FECV can be passed through the litterbox, so you'll want to have her confined to using a separate one from the other kitties.
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Sending more positive vibes for your little Twinkie. Unfortunately I do have experience with FIP - in fact, that is how I came to TCS. It is a rare and random disease that mutates from the corona virus. My little Oliver was born to a feral mother. She and the kittens were trapped - Mom too feral, was spayed and released. She had three boys - I adopted the only kitten from the litter that developed FIP. Although it broke my heart when I had to have him put to sleep on 1/4/07, I have always believed that he found his way to me for a reason. He was truly a special boy. It sounds to me as if your vet is familiar with FIP and does not seem to be concerned that Twinkie has it. That is VERY reassuring news! Please keep us posted - and you sound like you will do a fabulous job nursing her back to health!
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Thank you everyone for all your vibes they seem to be working. Twinkie is now home and is eating well, seem to be herself and even spunky which she normally doesn't get. She has been overly affectionate I am assuming she is happy to be home. I had measured her temp and it's 102.3 which is way down from yesterday. At the vet she was at 104.2 before discharge but maybe with her being home it helps to lower the temp. I am giving her baby Aspirin once a day and some other med that helps her eat and digest. The vet said we need to get her where she will hold her own temp for 72 hours. He told me that the temp at home should be between 101.5 and 102. He said cats usually get 102 when they are excited and they are at the vet. So according to his standards Twinkie is running a small temp which sure beats 106.5 that she came to the vet with. I am so happy to have her home. All the other kittens have discovered that Twinkie is home and in another room so they sit by the door meow and stick their little paws under the door. This morning Twinkie has decided to escape the room as soon as I opened the door to come in to check on her. She climbed on her tree all the way to the top and now I cannot get her. We have a 75 inch climbing tree. Since I had to get to work I left my husband in charge to get Twinkie back into her room.

Before I brought Twinkie home I asked the vet if I am keeping her separated because of the other kittens and he said no it's because he wants her to rest and stay come. He said all other kittens have already been exposed to the virus and most likely I won't see the same reaction in the rest of the kittens as their immune system seems to be much stronger than Twinkie's. He also thinks since I got them from the barn and based on the description of their condition before I got them it's most likely all my kittens were exposed to this virus when they were born. Now that I know what this virus is and the symptoms I can totally see those cats at the barn being sick.
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I'm glad your Twinkie angel is better.
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I'm glad to hear that Gizzie is home and doing so much better!

Did the vet say to give the baby aspirin every day? Usually it's given every 3 days or takes a cat a very long time to metabolise aspirin. Given more often, it will build up in their system, taxing the liver. More info here.

I'll be thinking of you and Gizzie.
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I don't often read this forum because I'm a great big wimp and can hardly bear to hear about kitties suffering... but I came by today and gosh, am I glad your Twinkie is doing better! All the babies in your sig are adorable, but Twinkie's the one who immediately charmed me. What a little beauty!

I wonder, too, about the baby aspirin... seems like a high dose. You might just call and doublecheck on that.

And please give that little girl a smooch for me!
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Did the vet say to give the baby aspirin every day?
Please double-check with the vet; that seems like quite a dose.
I'm so glad Twinkie is home and feeling better. Sounds as if you're doing a great job nursing her. Hopefully, that temp will stay down. Sending more (((healing vibes))) to your baby.
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Just thought I would post a quick update on Twinkie. After we brought her home she was doing better and her temp was normal but then two days later the same thing over again. I went back to the vet’s office on Saturday and he gave me injections and fluids administered through IV. I thought I could do it no problem as I have been giving shots to my horses and know how to give shots but after I did it one time I could not do it again. Twinkie is such a trooper she put up with me pocking her and giving her shots. She is just a sweet sweet kitty. Last night she was not doing so good and this morning either so I asked my husband to take her back to the hospital except this time we took her to another clinic where I was taking my dogs too. They asked to keep her for today and will be running more blood test. After seeing the blood test the other vet did they are not so sure it’s Corona virus. They will be running more tests this morning and I should hear from them later today. I am crossing my fingers they will find something else that is treatable and cure our little Twinkie. It’s amazing how strong she has been so far. I think she is a fighter I don’t think she is ready to give up. My husband and I have decided we will do whatever we can to get her back to normal if it’s possible. The bills are piling up but I hope in the long run it’s worth it. As long as she lives and makes it through this I will make me happy and the money won’t be an issue. Yes it’s expensive but man when you love something this much for some reason you don’t think about money. Thank God to our tax return it helps us move forward with Twinkie’s treatments. I still would like to ask you guys to send some prayers and good thoughts Twinkie’s way she really can use them right now. I am waiting impatiently for the vet to call me and will update everyone as I know what’s going on. Thank you all for your support and your kind words.
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Oh My goodness!

Have just seen this thread, I cant believe what little twinkle has had to go through and you as well!!!

Sending ya loads of hugs and positive vibes

Keep us posted every step of the way


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Glad to hear that Twinkie is doing better! I think that I understand that you took her to a third vet today? I hope that the news is good from this new vet! I was so sad to read that Twinkie had a relapse after 2 days at home! Prayers go out to your little trooper!
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I hope the new vet can diagnose Twinkie's problem and provide a solution. The little girl has been through so much and is fighting so hard to be healthy. Positive thoughts and good health vibes to Twinkie.
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The poor baby; she's been thru so much in her short little life. It sounds as if you're doing everything you can to figure out what the problem is, and I have to commend you for that. Twinkie is lucky to have you and your husband to care for her. I so hope the vet can get to the root cause of her illness and something can be done for her.
Sending loads of (((healing vibes))) to your little one.
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Many prayers for Sweet Twinkie, Bless her heart she has been through a lot in such a short time
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Sending many healing vibes Twinkie's way! It sounds like you have both been through a very difficult time, and you're doing everything you can. I hope to hear good news soon. Hang in there!
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