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any food bad for cats?

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Gem is a scavenger and always comes running when the fridge door is opened. She sits begging when we have sandwiches and absolutely loves ham. She is not keen on fishy things though, refuses to eat fish flavour biscuits.

Anyway, is there anything which we must NOT give her, anything that is a definate no-no?


PS How many cats eat half a tin of food in one go, without even pausing for breath? Gem does, even though she has biscuits available all day - she is not even that big!
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Treats and such like are fine to give her in small doses, but anything in excess will likely upset her tummy!!
I have heard that Onion and anything from the same "family" can be dangerous to cats, and chocolate!! (not that I know many cats who eat onions.. but you never know!! :laughing:
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thanks, I knew chocolate was bad for dogs but I wasn't sure about cats. Anyone got anything else to add?
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Too much tuna fish can cause high levels of mercury. So keep it to a small treat on occasion.
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I think garlic is also bad for cats.
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If I was a cat I'd hate life.....

I love: onions, chocolate, garlic, tuna.......

not all together mind you!!!
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oh yeah....

COW MILK = no, no

(I like milk too!!!)
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Onion powder is toxic to kitties, so check the ingredients. Garlic in very small quanities is OK (from what I understand), but can be toxic in large quantities. Not a food, but asprin is very, very toxic.
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I think there is something in raw eggs that is bad for cats too.
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Originally posted by Maui
I think there is something in raw eggs that is bad for cats too.
Yes, but only in the raw egg whites and only harmful it the egg whites are fed raw without the yolk. The entire raw egg can be fed safely.
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If your cat is so keen to eating your table scraps so to speak. Why don't you just put her on a RAW diet now?
I think it's the best diet out there, better than any kibble or canned food.

Yes specially for really young kittens, they can be veracious eaters!

On the safe side off the top of my head, no cows milk or ice cream!, no chocolate, no cooked chicken bones and no tuna. And corn, doesn't have much nuturional value, so there's no point in giving them that.

I give raw eggs to any of my cats and dogs about once a week. Good for their coats. I'm sure if you looked you could find a site that list which foods are posionus to cats.
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I would hesitate feeding "fad" diets to your cats. Raw meat is not a balanced diet, even though cats might enjoy it, and eggs are much safer cooked because of the danger of salmonella. Of course the problem with egg whites has already been discussed. A treat now and then is ok, but a balanced diet, some wet, some dry, is best on a daily basis.
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The RAW or BARF diet isn't a fad.
The RAW diet is what animals ate before there was ever kibble.

RAW diets are great, it's not just feeding uncooked meat, it's feeding cooked/uncooked meats, fruits, veggies, grains, everything.
Only you can select the portions, and however high grade of food that you want, vrs feeding your animal what is mostly low grade incorrect proportions that you find in most kibbles.

It's a little harder to find info on the RAW diet for a cat, but most of the same general rules apply, but always study any food deeply before switching their diet.

Bones & Raw Food Diet
BARF Nutrition

You must remember that with any diet, depending on the individual animal, it could have good or bad effects, be it canned, kibble, table scraps or RAW.

RAW - Cat Diet
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