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Just wondering

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In a few of the posts regarding expectant mums people say they are able to express milk, i wasn't able to with Smudge. She had her babies today, i posted earlier. Her babies seem to be feeding fine and seem very content not crying and you can hear them suckling. Do you think that although she didn't seem to have milk there (to me anyway) that she has. would the babies be crying if they were hungry?

Sorry i seem really silly i know

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I am so glad you asked, i have the same question ?

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Hows your cat doing, i read in your post that she had two babies and your a bit concerned that you saw a sac but then there was nothing.
Smudge delivered hers herself in my wardrobe between 1am and 5pm this morning and cleared up all her mess how conciderate!
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From what I've learned here, it may be perfectly normal for your cat to not express milk until labor. Eating the placentas stimulates milk production. With Mixi, I couldn't get any milk out before labor, however I still can't. I guess I just have bad technique!

The little kittens should have slightly distended tummys, as long as they're not crying they should be fine, however I'm not an expert and someone with more knowledge should be along shortly.
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sometimes when they deliver the kittens it stimulates the milk . it depends on the cat when the milk comes in . some can come in a few days before . others a few hours before.
as long as the kittens are content and not crying then there deffently getting milk from mum.
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Thanks that puts my mind at ease

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Sometimes females will fool you. Just in my experience with my queens I could get a drop of milk out. Maybe you just didn't have the right technique

Anyway, if the kittens are not crynig and everyone seems happy, they are fine

Where's the pictures?
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hi my cat is totally the opposite ,her milk came in a week ago.(only by gently squeezing it a drop comes out) it does not leak all the time.Which is to early as she has not had them yet???(57 days i think) Think all cats are very different and do things at different times from the advice i have been given.All sound good with them so hopfully they are getting what they need.( but im no expert) good luck and congrats.
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I also probably did not have the right technique when I tried this with my mom cat. I was never able to express milk from her, not even today and the kittens are over 4 weeks old, getting quite big and very healthy.
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