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Vet thinks I should put Zorro down.

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I just got a call from the vet. He said that by the sounds of it, it doesn't look good. He thinks that its either a spinal abnormality, or a deep vein thrombosis. He said the gudging by the sounds of thinks, I should bring him in today, and either get the tests done (which will cost at least $360) or I should consider euthanasia. I won't have the money for the tests until friday, and i don't think my mother will pay for them since she thinks this is a waste of money. When I explained this to the vet, he said that this can't wait until friday, that it wasnt' fair to Zorro and that I should think about his quality of life. He also said that if he do get the tests done, there is still a good chance of having to put him down. I don't know what to do...
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I just called my mother and talked to her. She told me that it was ok and that she would put them on my visa and I could pay her back. I'm off to the vets now so ill let you all know whats happened. Wish him luck.
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I'll be thinking postive thoughts for you and Zorro. I'm glad your mother was willing to help.
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Oh, that's good news. I hope the test results give you good news too. How old is he?
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Oh, I'm so glad to hear you were able to take him in to get checked. That was very kind of your mom. When I first brought Milo in, the vet was also concerned that he might have an arterial thrombus, but when he was able to feel pulses in his legs he was much less concerned about that. And it was the X-rays that got us the (very treatable) diagnosis. I will be thinking about you and Zorro, and sending happy thoughts!!!! I'm sorry you're having to go through all this; all the uncertainty must be very stressful and emotionally taxing. Best of luck, let us know how it goes!
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Oh I'm so glad you Mom is willing to help. That is nice.
Sending lots of good vibes & prayers Zorro's way.
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Good vibes for Zorro's tests.
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Hope you gave your Mom a big hug for helping out with the bills.
Sending you loads of (((healing vibes))) for sweet Zorro. Hopefully his test results will show nothing seriously wrong. Good luck.
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Please know that I am sending you prayers and TCS vibes that everything goes well for your Zorro. And please, tell your Mom thank you from all of us. Let us know how things go!
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More hugs and positive thoughts for you and Zorro. I hope the tests go well and any problems are treatable.
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We hope to hear good news on Zorro. Please let us know. Wish the best for him.
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*hugs and positive thoughts* for you and Zorro. I hope things aren't as serious as the vet suggested.
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Many good thoughts and prayers for Zorro
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Well its been a long and stressful day. I just got back from the vets. The results are not very good, but they're better than I thought they would be.
The vet did ex-rays and a dopler pulse check in his rear legs. He said that the pulse and blood pressure in his hind legs are fine, but the ex-rays are the problem.
It turns out that Zorro has degenerative disk disease. Something thats not treatable, but the vet said that he could live with it for a few years longer until he'll need to be put down. The ex-rays showed that he has a collapsed disk in his back thats pinched and damaged the nerves. He's on Prednisone for the next month and has to be in a wire crate for the next week. He's not allowed to do any running or playing for the next 6 weeks, and he's not aloud to jump ever again.
The vet was really mad and upset with the other vet. He said that if that vet had ordered ex-rays immediately, then Zorro would have recovered 100%. He said that there's a good chance that he'll still be able to walk, but he'll probably have a limp for the rest of his life. We'll know in the next 3-4 days whether or not the medication will work.
Thank you all for the good wishes. I think they worked. At least now I know whats going on with him, even if its not the best of news. 'm just glad I didn't have to put him down today.
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I am glad to hear that he is not as bad off as the vet thought he would be!
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I'm glad to hear that you got better news than initially expected.

I'm wondering if the problems are like those in humans. In people, you can dissolve a DVT with medication. Some clots dissolve on their own; the danger is a massive clot traveling to the lungs, which can be fatal. DVT's aren't fatal in people; I'm not sure what the situation is w/ cats. What did the vet say about disk disease? Your description of Zorro's back & x-rays sounds like my boyfriend's back! Seriously. He rowed competitvely in prep school and college, and in his mid-20s, he was told by an MD that he has the back of a 40 year-old, but it's manageable b/c he only has a slightly slipped disk. He was offered local injection of steroids to help w/ the inflammation. I think he got one shot, and he's been fine. Excepting heavy-lifting or back-intensive activities (intensive rowing, etc.), he's fine. If you can alleviate the impingement on the nerve (the "pinched" state), and it hasn't been going on for too long, the nerve can regenerate if not too much damage has occurred.

Hopefully, the prognoses for these things in cats is as good as it is for people. I hope your vet can give you better news yet for Zorro in the days to come. Hang in there!
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to you both. I'll send <<VIBES>> for a smooth recovery
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He's doing good today. The vet said that me crating him for the last few days before I brought him in helped it from getting even worse. He doesn't like the crate at all and has been screaming for the last little while, but I'm sure he'll settle down. I plan on taking him out alot and walking around with him. I might even take him for a walk(me holding him of course) outside for a bit. He loves it when I do that.
Is appetite is back full fledge so I think it was the metacam that was causing that, and he's wide awake. No dopiness at all.
I feel kinda bad for him since he's only 1 1/2 years old, and he's been put under and has had more things done with him already, then most cats have done in there entire life. I'm hoping he'll live out to his 5 year expectancy, but even if he doesn't, I'm prepared now to have to make the difficult decision sometime down the road, so at least it won't be a shock.
Hopefully these steroids will work, I'm sure they will though, he's always been a fighter! I'm looking up right now.
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I am glad to hear Zorro is getting some better. Thankfully your mom could and would help you out with some of the expenses. She must be a great gal. Vibes to all of you that things will get better.
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I am so happy to hear that there seems to be some hope for Zorro. I am sad to hear that he is such a young boy! You were so fortunate that you followed your gut instinct and looked for a different vet. Please let us know how Zorro is doing!
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I am glad that I went to see his regular vet, I just wish he would have been there the week that this all started, then Zorro would have recovered much quicker and better. I love his vet. He has to be one of the best ones out there.
He loves Zorro to death(even though Zorro hates him, lol) and you could tell that he was VERY upset when he had to tell me that Zorro might have to be put down.
He's followed Zor since he was just a tiny kitten and has gone through everything with him as well.
Oh, and Zorro says hi to everyone. I'll have to get some pics of the little guy for everyone.
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I am so glad for you that it is not as bad as it could have been, and htat there is a chance that little Zorro will enjoy a reasonable quality and legth of life. Good vibes to both of you.
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I'm so glad to hear the news isn't as bad as it could have been! Poor Zorro; at least now he's getting care from a vet who seems to know what's going on.
As someone who's had back problems most of her life, I feel as if I should ask this: have you considered taking Zorro to a specialist, or finding someone who can manipulate his spine? ( I guess I mean a kitty-chiropractor, if there is such a thing.) I also agree with whiskerynature about the steroids injected directly into Zorro's disc. Have you talked to the vet about alternatives?

I plan on taking him out alot and walking around with him. I might even take him for a walk(me holding him of course) outside for a bit. He loves it when I do that.
I think if I was going to walk Zorro, I'd get a kitty harness for him and let him explore. My Aunt & Uncle have 2 cats that they've trained to walk on a harness, and my Uncle takes them for daily walks around the neighborhood.
Just a thought.

I hope there's something more than can be done for Zorro. He sounds like a special little guy; can't wait to see a pic of him. Sending loads of (((healing vibes))) to your baby boy.
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Oh, he has a kitty harness that I take him outside in sometimes, but since he's not supposed to walk around, I'll have to carry him for the next week or so.
I never thought about the chiropractor idea. I go to the chiropractor once a month and love it. I'll have to look into that, and the steroid injection.
There is a vet around here that does alternative therapy. Maybe I'll give her a call.
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I am so sorry to hear this and I pray Zorro will pull thru, lots of good vibes coming for Zorro.
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Healing vibes for Zorro
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Prayers for Zorro - so glad he's doing better than expected.
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Zorro's gait hasn't improved at all, but you can tell he's in much less pain then he was before. He still can only limp around, but I've noticed that since yesterday, he'll actually sit like a real cat every once in a while
(you know, not sitting on his hips) He has never done that since he was a little kitten. I'm assuming thats something good. I'm getting kind of worried that he's not showing any signs of regaining some movement to his legs though. We still have a few days left though before we know how sure, so you never know.
I did some research on feline chiropractic, and the websites say that you can use it to treat forms of "disk disease" and that felines respond very well to chiropractic. They say that sometimes you can reverse the damage done to the legs and that they can regain almost full use of the legs, then you put them on preventative manipulations and the problem will be less likely to re-occur.
I was going to call about it yesterday, but they closed too early. I plan on giving them a call today just to talk to them and get some more info and some prices.
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I feel so bad for Zorro; I hope you can find something or someone to help him thru this. Good luck with the kitty-chiropractor, and gentle head-skritches to your boy.
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I've noticed a slight improvement in his walking. His right leg doesn't stick out awkwardly to the side anymore. I look him for a nice, slow walk down the hallway a few times, and he seemed to do very well with that. I think he knows that he's not supposed to walk around to much because he followed right beside me and kept looking up at me to make sure he was doing it right, lol.
I called the kitty chiropractor, and she said that she doesn't usually do chiropractic on cats, but that acupuncture works very well. I'm not too sure about how he'll be with acupuncture though, since they look kind of like needles, and Zorro has an AMAZING phobia for needles. He can't look at them.
She told me that I should bring him in for a consult and she'd go from there.
I don't really have the money for that right now, so I think I'm going to wait and see how he does on the medication first, then go from there. At least its another option.
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