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Herbal ear remedies

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Hi, anyone use herbal ear remedies? I found this one that has tea tree oil and rosemary and a few other herbs. My cat has ear issuse. He's been to the vet. and to the dermatologist and for awhile his ears were great, but now they've gunked up again. I have ear solution from the vet to clean his ears, but he is getting more and more mad at me as I try to clean them everyday (per vet instructions). I read this herbal treatment and I was wondering if any of you have had any comments about herbal treatments.

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Tea Tree Oil is HIGHLY TOXIC to cats. Please don't use any herbal remedies on cats that are specifically made with either tea tree oil OR essential oils.
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Blue Power Ear Treatment? I'm not positive that it can be used on cats...you will have to read through the website, but I use it on my dog regularly and for a dog with allergies she has no ear issues! This stuff is amazing!

follow the links for Blue Power Ear Treatment

Again, please read through to see if it's ok for cats. I've never used it on them.
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What was the diagnosis?

Ginger's mom is right, tea tree oil is TOXIC to cats.
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wow, thanks! I had no idea it was toxic to cats. Thank you so much. I wonder why it would have tea tree oil in it? Maybe I read it wrong, I'll go back and look, that can't be right. My gosh, thanks for that info. I'll look for that blue one, or whatever it was i'll go to that website. Thanks!

He was diagnosed with food allergies and put on a special food to eat and such and then he was fine but the vet check about a month ago and one of his ears was gunky again, blah, blah, long story short, I'm using cleaner from the vet but I'd like to find something that is more herbal I don't know, maybe that's wanting to much.

Thanks for the info. everyone.
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