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Waiting for a tree

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We live in a house that is turning 50 this year. We had a beautiful maple out front that has been looking poorly over the last few years. Last summer when city work crews were in the neighbourhood checking trees for infestations of Asian Longhorn Beetles I asked them their opinion of the tree. They said it was dying and I should get a city forestry inspecter to come and see it as it was now a danger. I e-mail the city and they said it would be at least 12 weeks for someone to come and see it. It took about 16 weeks, but the inspector came and condemned our tree. Then, just shortly into new year, one team came and cut off all of the branches (you should have seen the woman wield the chain saw - it was an art form). 3 weeks after that another team came to cut down the trunk, leaving a short stump. That was over 3 months ago. We are now waiting for someone to de-stump us and plant a new tree on our boulevard (instead right on our front lawn).

I want my new tree! Unfortunately - it won't be another maple.
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Can you find out what they are planting-Japanese Tree Lilacs are quite good as boulevard trees!!
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