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Don't tell me dogs don't understand English!

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Last night, DH and I were talking about what to do this weekend. I casually asked "well, do you want to go out?" meaning going to a bar or something. Well, suddenly I had a lab and a pug jumping all over me, just beside themselves! I wasn't even talking to them! They were telling me in doggie language "yes! I want to go out and play, play, play!!!!" OMG.

My parent's dog actually learned what W A L K spelled! I swear dogs are smarter than people give them credit for!

Now, if my dogs could just understand "NO" and "DOWN" things would be great!
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That's so funny. Well, did you take them out?
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Thread Starter we had a choice??? Yeah, they played hard chasing balls, sticks, each other, their own tails...anything! I guess part of it is we were gone all weekend (MIL took care of them) and they were just excited.

I guess any future conversations about "going out" will have to be out of doggie hearing range!
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I think they understand what they like and ignore everything else - kind of like kids!
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Dogs are extremely smart at things like that...but I am with ya on this one, when they learn what "stay down" means, that will be the GREATEST!!!
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Note: They also understand Spanish and other languages!
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You cannot spell the following words in our house:

You cannot mention car, truck, or daddy without berzerk dogs. One knows how to spell tennis ball, too.
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Our OTB Ellie Mae was too smart for her own good. She liked to sneek into bed with us at night and I was OK with it as long as she slept at the foot of the bed. But she would watch us, and when we started to doze, she would wiggle her way up the bed so that she would ultimately land with her head on DH's pillow.

One night she started her move to the pillow and I told her: "Ellie Mae, it's the foot of the bed or the floor, you decide", at which point she reversed her crawl and we woke up to find her at the foot of the bed the next morning. Ellie Mae not only understood the usual sit, stay, down, heal commands, she understood complete sentences. When she didn't follow them, it was not due to her not understanding us, she was a also a very strong willed girl.
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My Mom's dogs know the spelling of cookie and a few other words. They think the world revolves around them sometimes!
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Mine do this all of the time whenever they hear the word out.....they just go crazy..
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that's too funny! sounds like something my pups would do
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