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Panicked Bredder Pair

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We have been trying to breed my male to a friends female but have had nothing but freaked out cats! Our male is absolutely terrified. We have tried to bring his little lady over by our house and have brought him over by his little ladies house but either he gets so spooked that he won't have anything to do with her or she gets so wicked she won't have anything to do with him.

We have been considering leaving him over by her for a few days to acclimate himself to her or vise versa.

We have his own little lady here that seems to be much more to his liking but this is obviously because they live together.

Any suggestions as to how we can gently bring these two together would be greatly appreciated.

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How old are the cats and what breed?
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Both of the cats are Maine Coons, from different litters and born on the same day. They are 1 1/2 years old.
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Well, from the people I have talked to about the Maine Coon cats, she may not be ready yet. You might want to try using a tokeo and putting the male or female inside and put the other one in the same room. They will not get used to each other unless they have spent more than a few days near each other. Cats need time to know each other. It would be like throwing a new pet into the house. Only VERY experienced breeder cats will accept each other on the first meeting and that is even rare. Someone needs to keep the both of them for a few weeks even.
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Thanks so much for your reply!
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Let me know if it works out. The only reason I know this is because I have gone through this several times!! One first meeting I even got bit by my female because she was mad there was a new male there.
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