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Vitamins/Suppliments for FIV cats

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I just brought in the SWEETEST FIV+ kitty ever. He is about 2 years old and came from this older woman with a think accent who absolutely babied him. He is an awesome cat and officially the most photogenic cat ever! His name is Erick but the lady called him Boossoo Boossoo.

Anyways, in reading up on FIV I have found, and correct me if I am misinformed... the status of his FIV may be one of three things:

1. He actually has FIV
2. He is a carrier of FIV
3. He was vaccinated against it at one point and therefore will test positive.

Are these statements correct and is there any way to distinguish between the three? He is perfectly happy and healthy and has never been sick.

Also wondering if there are any sort of suppliments that can be given to an FIV+ cat or holistic treatments of any kind?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I don't have any experience with FIV but I wanted to tell you that he IS very photogenic, like you said...those pics are great.

I don't think the #2 and #3 scenarios can be distinguished from one another.

Here's a link

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You might look at this site:


From what I've heard, most FIV cats do just fine as long as they are kept indoors where they have minimal exposure to other cats who may carry viruses and such. Yahoo also has a couple of groups for people with FIV+ cats, and they may have more ideas:

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I know nothing about FIV. But man....he's gorgeous!
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