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Declawing now illegal in Norfolk, Va.

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One small step in the right direction...........
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!!!Great news!!!
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Yippy Yippy .....
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Finally! I live in Chesapeake, VA, about 20min. from Norfolk, hopefully our other cities will soon follow!
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Now how do we get the rest of the country to follow suit?
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sounds great to me
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That is fantastic. I had a friend in town from DC this past weekend and she was talking to me about her friends who own a cat that was declawed. They did it. I was so appalled. And then she went on to tell me that they attempted to adopt another cat but when the adoption contact asked them if they were going to declaw that cat and they said YES, they did not allow them to adopt a cat. Bravo! But very said for their current kitty - for not getting to have buddy and b/c he was declawed.

My friend later said she'd get a cat, but she'd have to declaw it. We almost got into it at that point - and even after I explained to her about the procedure and the potential after-effects, she said she's still do it. I said, look, you're better off not getting a cat.

Cat's scratch. It's what they do. You can't take away a piece of their instinctive threads. It really angers me when people do this.

That is awesome. I'm going to do some research to see if I can get something going in my city - Miami, FL.

Thanks for the link!
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Now how do we get the rest of the country to follow suit?[/QUOT

I second that emotion!!!
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Now lets hope the other 49 states will follow suit I'm sure all the kitties in Virginia are clapping WITH their claws

I agree with the ear cropping but not the tail docking. I've read some articles about tail docking and in many cases, the breed of dog almost requires docking because the length of the tail will get more torn and infected in the work the breed does.
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I would simply ask the person who wants to declaw their cat:

"If your child was destructive and ripped up your couch or torn down curtains, would you take them to the doctor and tell the doctor to cut off their hands????"

When they say "no, of course not", then come back with - "why declaw the cat then????"
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It's about time!
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Let's hope other cities follow suit, and that it encourages states to outlaw declawing, ear cropping and docking.

Declawing has been illegal here for a long time (and was never widespread), and you hear very few complaints about destructive scratching. The U.S. and Canada have to change their mindset on this issue.
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Fantastic news!
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That's fantastic news! Let's hope other states and provinces take note and follow suit.
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I'm so pleased to hear that for you all, not forgetting the cats!
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Woo indeed!!
This is wonderful!!!

I just emailed the Norfolk shelter and asked them for any info on how they got this legislation through. I know a lot of us who would like to follow suit in our own areas. I will let you know what they say.
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That's awesome! I wish they do that for the whole country!
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This is suprising since until last year, I lived in Virginia Beach. My sister actually stays in Norfolk. This is good news, but I just hope people don't cross city lines to declaw their cats.
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