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Hi, i have been looking at the posts on this site for a couple of weeks,awaiting the arrival of Smudges Kittens. She had 5 this morning and done a great job. She is a bit protective and wont let me change her blanks and i was just wondering if anyone could advise a good way of doing it with out disturbing her too much.
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Hi and welcome.

After boo had her babies I waited a couple of hours then called her into the kitchen to feed her. I shut her in there for 10 mins while I quickly gave the kittens some clean warm blankets and weighed them. I then opened the door to let her back in. She didnt seem to notice anything had changed at all.

glad all went well with your momma and babies. Would be lovely to see pics of your fur family.

Emma x x
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Hi and welcome. Glad the birth went safely. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, remember she can come into heat again and get pregnant within a few days of having kittens, so be very careful to keep her in.
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thanks for your replies. Just managed to change her blankets much to her disapproval. Haven't weight them yet or taken pics as she is unhappy with me. Babies feel a good weight though and are all feeding well so i'm not worried about them. May take some pictures later.
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Hello and welcome to you and your kitties Sounds like mum is doing a great job and looking after those little 'uns

Theres lots of experienced members here, so if you have any question, just jump right on it

When you do take some photos remember not to use a flash, those tiny new eyes are very sensitive

Keep us posted on their progress
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