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Prayer Request, positive vibes/thoughts

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There was a really bad accident on the freeway near where I live Friday. A loaded big rig, traveling at 55-60 mph, smashed into the back of a minivan that was stopped in traffic. The mom and grandmother were injured and all three of the mom's kids, Kyle 5, Emma 4 and Katie 2 were killed.

I can't get the thoughts out of my head. How one minute they were here and the next, all 3 of the couple's children are gone. I mean I know these things happen, but ALL THREE???!!!!! My brain tries to make sense out of something that I know can not be made sense of.

Here is an article on the accident...

Here is the memorial website...

You can click on "photo album" on the left to see photos of them - beautiful, beautiful children.

I wish I could do something other than sign their guest book and make a donation - it seems so little.

So if you all could be thinking about Chris & Lori and their family, and send prayers their way, I know they would appreciate it.

Thank you!
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What a tragedy....I will keep them in my prayers.
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Oh that is so awful.

They are definitely in my thoughts.
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If there is a God, I hope I get a chance someday to ask him how he can let such things happen.

I'm sorry... I don't mean any disrespect to believers. There's just so much injustice in the world. I'll never understand how a loving god could allow it.
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oh my what precious children they are

how & where does one begin to sort that out in your mind

Many prayers and thoughts for all concerned.
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That is just horrible.

I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi to this family.

I was always taught that we are not to question what God does when we are on this earth. There are lots of questions that I have for God too, but I will wait until I get to Heaven to ask him. I just know that God knows what he is doing. We might not understand it, but we are not supposed to.
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The almost EXACT same thing happened here 2 weeks ago, a woman was driving her 3 kids to school one was only a year old they hit a semi and all of them were killed instantly...I have not been able to get the husband/father out of my head since it happened

And all the kids had blonde hair and were gorgeous just like these 3 kids...This is so sad and tragic...hopefully all these kids can meet up in Heaven and help each other and pray for their remaining parents.
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That is sooo sad. I will keep that family in my prayers....
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