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I have four new little foster kittens!

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And they're adorable!!! Two boys and two girls from what i checked earlier (have to double check again and be sure). They're just darling too! They're between 3.5-4 weeks old right now. My other three were old enough so i took them back to the shelter -they will be spayed/neutered on thursday and will hopefully get adopted soon after- one couple was wanting two of them so hopefully only one will need a home / The 4 little ones are doing great so far- eating well and are in great health Talk about a blessing- it seems like i ALWAYS have little sicklings My best friend came over tonight to see them and i taught her how to bottle feed them I will snap some pictures of them tomorrow for everyone to see!!! Then after the pictures are posted i'll need everyone's help naming them! They're adorable!
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OMG how do you keep up with them all. You have a really big heart!
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
OMG how do you keep up with them all. You have a really big heart!
if i don't they won't have anywhere else to go. so that makes it an easy decision- it gets tiring- because i work full time and also foster around the clock- i get tired, but at the end of the day it is worth it!! all of the other foster moms are swarming in kittens right now- our shelter is in kitty overload unfortunately because it's high kitten/puppy season and owners do not do the responsible thing and spay/neuter. they are just darling though!!!! i love them to pieces already! i'm also REALLY organized so that helps too- i keep to a pretty good schedule as far as feedings, cleanings,meds,etc goes for all of my animals.
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awe u have such a good heart I cant wait to see pics they sound like a bunch of darlings, and I also hope ur other kittens get good homes !!!
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Nikki, all I can say sweetie is you ROCK!!! I can't imagine all the work that you do for those babies.Well, maybe I can with skin kids.But still, you have babies there all the time to care for.My hats off to you!!!!
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Awww Nikki, that's so sweet of you, you're heart is really in it
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Way to go Nikki! Your such an angel!!

Cant wait to see some pics.....
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May I please have some of your energy? Wow - good for you - those little babies have a very special angel in you!
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You have such a good heart, Nikki! they are very lucky to have you as their foster mom! I bet they are adorable.
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thankyou everyone- i appreciate all the kind words/ support it's always great to know others are supportive (some people just think i'm crazy to take care of kittens like that- but i'm glad ya'll understand!) The kittens are doing pretty good today- eating well and going potty on their own well I'll try and snap some pictures tonight! They're all adorable and all somewhat look a little different. One is a dark grey tiger tabby, one a dilute tortishell (mostly grey), another white with a little grey streak down it's back like circles- it's cute!!!, and the other one has white/grey all over it. The doggies are already in love with them and trying to help me care for them They get soooo excited when i bring new kitties home
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Can't wait to see the photos! They sound absolutely adorable!
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