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Fourth Time's a Charm!

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I'm 99.99% sure Damita has ringworm....for the fourth time since Feb. 2006 when I got her!

I don't know what to do anymore. I find myself wondering if I should be putting her through all this, if it is fair. She gets ill whenver I put her on Fulvicin or Ketoconazole. Straight Conofite won't work to clear it up. She already isn't eating, & I wonder if she has an ear infection as well. Her allergies have flared up again, she vomits a lot & has nothing but puddles of poop. She is incessantly scratching at her poor ears....whether it's allergies, ringworm, or an ear infection.....or any combination of them I don't know.

Not to mention, now I don't know what to do with Jade as she has been exposed....or what the shelter wants to do with her.

Seriously? Ringworm bout:
1) March/April 2006
2) July/August 2006
3) November/December 2006/January 2007
4) Now-May 7, 2007
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Crimeny! I forgot all about Molly. She's never had ringworm before. And I was all set up to release her outside. She's picking fights worse than before & tries to escape so much. Now I can't let her out. It can take 6 months for ringworm to show up!
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You poor thing!

What would cause an outbreak to keep occuring?
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My lot didn't clear till we got Lamisil, cream and tablets. The tablets are horribly expensive and prescription only, but they worked. I feel for you - it is horrible.
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My previous dog had ringworm, and I found that sulfur soap and sulfur cream worked better than ANY other medication I used.

Sulfur powder can be found in speciality pharmacys (Flowers of Sulfur) and sulfur soap can be found MAYBE in health food stores, if not, add small amount of sulfur powder to cats bath.

BTW, sulfur was the ONLY thing that killed my son's planter wart which was BIG and under the foot. We kept the cream on the wart, then duct tape and that wart was gone in less than two weeks. He used to pick at it and the roots of the wart turned black and died.

Hope this helps your poor kitties.

PS To make sulfur cream just add some sulfur powder to any unscented cream, about 2 tablespoons per 1oz. cream.
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