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Gonna be gone for a few days!

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Just wanted to say "bye" for a few days! I'm gonna be in the hospital getting a new hip. (yay) But I'm really going to miss everybody here. I don't know what I'll do without you all!
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Sending GREAT surgury vibes and speedy recovery vibes your way!!!
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Awe We are all gonna miss u too ! I am sending u some good surgery vibes and a quick recovery too Hoping all goes well, U will be in my prayers and thoughts over the next few days!
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hope everything goes well.
when my uncle had his done, he was back home in 3 days, and back to work in two weeks. He said he should have had it done years ago
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I'm expecting to be back to work in 2 weeks. I have so much pain now, I KNOW that this will help. I am so excited! And lucky to have a surgeon that will give me this resurfacing at my (young) age of 44, LOL.
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Quick healing vibes, calming vibes to you and the surgeon headed your way.
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I'm glad the surgery is going to help you feel better...many healthy vibes coming your way.
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you know its really to bad they wont let people bring a laptop and give us internet access i know when i was there, i would have loved to be able to get to the net..

Hope to see you back soon,
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Oh I forgot about your surgery! I hope this new hips is just what you need! We'll miss you!
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Lots of healing vibes for you.
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Good luck with the surgery! Cheers to a new you!
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I am sending you positive vibes that everything goes well!
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I've worked in Ortho, so I know you will be gone for more than a few days. Here a hip replacement hospital stay is about 2 weeks, or more.

Good luck with the sugery and I hope you have an uneventful recovery
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I was thinking about you the other day, trying to remember exactly when you said your surgery date was.
Make sure to pack all the stuff you need, and maybe even some little stuff that you might not think you need, but you never know.
Good luck and I hope you come out of this feeling so much better!
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Excellent! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you... take care and heal fast!
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Good luck with the surgery. Hopefully everything goes well and you heal quickly!
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Heres sending lots of positive health ((((( vibes ))))) for your hospital visit - maybe they could wheel a PC in for you
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Healing vibes being sent to you of course. Bijou and Mika send their love too.
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We'll miss you! Sending lots of healing vibes your way.
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Sending many speedy recovery vibes to you and a very smooth surgery!!

We will all miss you!!
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Sending healing vibes to you. Good luck!
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Lots of smooth surgery vibes! Remember to do you PT! Its gonna make life so much easier for you!!
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We'll be thinking of you!
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Lots of good vibes for you, Kim. for a speedy recovery too!
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Sending lots of healing vibes and prayers out to you!
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