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I call it a couch...and it's in my family room (the one with the TV). There's not a couch in my living room (the one off the entrance). DH calls it a sofa, though.

My grandma also used to call it a davenport. (When I was a kid we always figured that it was because she lived in Iowa and there's a town in Iowa called "Davenport".)
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Couch, and living room. We ain't that formal around here.
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i found the reason my grandma called it a davenport.
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My living room is called my living room- LOL because I live in there... HEHE. Also I call it a couch. My grandparents call it a davenport.. they live in Iowa...

LOL I just read all the other replies.... yes there is a town in Iowa called Davenport When I was a kid, that's why I thought my grandparents called it that too...hmm?
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we're living in davenport, but i still couldn't figure out why grandma called a couch a "davenport". i'm glad i found the link.
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Growing up my mom called it the devan, but I have always called it the couch..
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Couch or sofa - both are interchangeable! But I called it a chesterfield when I was little! Living room or front room - again interchangeable, although a lot call them a family room. Family rooms are usually in the basement though and also called rec rooms.
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Couch I don't think I've ever called it a sofa... I don't like that word
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I call mine both a sofa and a couch but no matter what its in my living room...I like sofa better tho cuz it just sounds more comfy
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I voted couch, but I also call it a divan when I'm speaking in French. Does that count?
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I call my couch a couch and my living room is the front room.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Couch I don't think I've ever called it a sofa... I don't like that word
Yea... sofa? So far from what?!
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We usually call it the couch (but when we were shopping for it, it was the "new sofa" (Where's the dog? Sleeping on the couch... ), but growing up, we had the sofa (like others, it was the one we weren't allowed on-lol) and it was in the living room(which we weren't allowed to play in), which was next to the foyer on the front of the house. Then we had the den with the couch, the tv and a toy corner (sometimes called it the family room ).

So now in our house, we have a den (occasionally called the living room) with a couch and Lazyboys, but no formal living room .

If we miss church and watch the service on tv instead, then it is The Church of the Living Room (my BIL's term)
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couch and sofa
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Well I would say either or I guess sofa or couch. I have 3 I have Formal Front Room, a Family Room both downstairs and a large Bonus room that we use more then any upstairs. Holidays and Special things are in the Formal Front room and Formal Dining room, other then that we sit at the Kitchen table most of the time...
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