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Missy update

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No babies yet. She's getting HUGE though... I think she's already bigger than Sasha was right before Sasha gave birth. She was really restless last night and I thought something would happen, but nothing. She's mostly just laying around all the time now but still wants to play a little bit. And she demands attention constantly... I can't sit down without her being in my lap. Here are a few pictures I just took... her belly doesn't look as big in the pics as it does in real life! Sorry they're so dark, bad lighting in the room.


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So much for nothing happening yet... just posted this and Missy jumped back up into my lap... my arm is all wet now and she hadn't just been in the litter box. I'll keep everyone updated.
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aw , bless her, my fluffy is going the other way , i dont think she will want me there when the time comes. i can make her face out lol
oo maybe its time? i hope she has a safe delivery , and that her babys are all healthy.
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Oooh now exciting!! Keep us updated!!
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Any news on your baby? Hows is she doing? Im just wondering i am a big cat lover and just checkin in to she how everyone is doing
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Nothing new to report yet, she's sleeping right now.
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How many days is she?
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Hope all is well this morning. Will keep checking for any updates.

Emma x x
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How many days is she?
I'm not really sure. She was already pretty pregnant when she showed up here. I was estimating her at about 8 weeks now, but I'm not really sure. I've been feeling kittens move for around 12 days.
Last night was just a false alarm I guess... nothing new has happened, other than her prying open the food box and stealing some food, lol.
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