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So far so good......

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I've put up several posts regarding a male kitty I've been fostering. I've had problems with spraying, and other male cat behaviors.

I took him to his prospective new home last Thursday and everything is going wonderfully! He hasn't sprayed or howled the whole time. She has no other pets, so it's easier for him. The fist night he slept in the bed with the 4 year old little girl and she was delighted! It's as if he always belonged there.

Tomorrow I have to pick him up and take him to the vet. We thing he might have a UTI (common after spay surgery). Let's hope it isn't anything more serious.

I truly think this was meant to be. I believe this cat was meant to be found by me, and in turn, he ended up in a home of a person I'm friends with. She had mentioned to my husband (they're co-workers) that she was looking for a kitty with specific traits. Those were, laid back, male, not a kitten, large, big purr, talker, gets along with a 4 year old and grey. Those are pretty specific traits. ALL of which Louie has. He has every single one of those traits!

She told me that if she put in an order to "kitty database" this cat was exactly what she wanted Couldn't have gone any better!
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Some things are just meant to be, that's wonderful that he's so happy and adjusted where he is.
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The other upside to this, is that I can foster more. My husband swore I wouldn't be able to let the kitty go and that I'd got too attached. But I stayed true to my word that I could let him go. Now I get to foster 8-12 week old kittens. How much fun will that be!
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I'm glad things worked out and he has a wonderful home.
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