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Old vet got suspended!!!

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Our old vet back in Australia has been suspended for 2 years, ordered to pay $3000 damages, plus legal costs for professional misconduct which he pleaded guilty to! Apparently a dog came in with a broken leg, and died 2 days later which is what we was sued over. He was also charged with poor record keeping or something like that.

I'm stunned. This guy was an AWESOME vet. He was the sort of vet who remembered you, remembered your pet, took good care of them, and always did such thorough examinations of our kitties. Our old boy Bonnie was always in scraps, and had a couple of major surgeries, and this vet looked after him like nobody else could.

We have NEVER found a vet as good as this guy, and I doubt we will ever again. He owned the practice and left to open a different vets office closer to where he lived (which was nowhere near us), and we took the kitties to numerous other vets in search for a replacement Graham, but we had high standards and nobody else was ever good enough.

So sad
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Sorry to hear that... I wish there were more vets that were understanding and caring for their patients...LOL.Hopefully he doesn't give up being a vet and after the suspention he can become a vet again?!?!!?
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Wow, that stinks Sarah..sorry about you losing your vet
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Sometimes the only way they can be that helpful is to not follow all the rules - I am not sure about in Australia but here some of the rules are stupid
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Yes, I find it very hard to believe he did something knowingly wrong. I wonder if he just made a mistake, in which case he is the sort of person who would plead guilty and it would be absolutely tearing him apart.
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