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Future Cat: Which One?

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I plan to eventually get a second cat. Meanwhile, I'm stressing over what breed would best fit our home (we have two birds, one Ragdoll and no children).

I'm most drawn to the following four breeds:

American Shorthair
Norwegian Forest Cat
Ragdoll (obviously)

I don't prefer standoffish cats. I love cats who want to be close to you, to interact with you (and company)--rather than hide. I also don't want a cat who'll climb to the tops of my doors (which is why I don't have Somalis on the list ).

I know that Tonks are generally more active than Raggies, but I am so drawn to the beauty. I've read that they talk a lot (but less than Siamese). Any truth to this info.?

Thank you,

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I would be torn between the Tonk's and the Wiegie's. I think the Tonk's are a little more outgoing, but the Wiegie's are a little more "loyal". They are both exellent breeds, I would just make sure the breeder is a good one. I have seen some pretty bad Tonk's before..YIKES.
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What was wrong with the Tonks you've seen in the past? Are you talking about undesirable character, physical problems, or both?

After having my Ragdoll for the last five weeks, I could not go wrong to get a second Raggie. But I love the description of the Tonk's personality. I think Wegies are as gorgeous as Raggies, but I've read that they can become loyal to certain people (aka, one-person cats). That is one trait I do not want in a cat, if I can at all help it!

Thanks for the input,

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Yeah, I meant really bad features and didn't look like the standard of a Tonk at all. From what I have seen, the Tonks are VERY outgoing and lots of fun.That's what I mean about Loyal with the Wiegies, they can be loyal to one person and if you are lucky, the love the whole family.
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I haven't had a cat since I moved from my home town 7 months ago so I wouldn't have to commute so far. My roommate is very allergic to cats unfortunately, but I know I will have a new roommate sometime next year and this one will let me have at least two cats! lol!

In the mean time, I've been going to cat shows and looking at web sites trying to figure out what kind of breed to get. I go back and forth all the time, but Burmese or Tonkinese are definitely one of my favorites. I could see myself with a nice sable Burmese.

Then again, sometimes I wonder, "Would it really be that long of a drive from Iowa to Connecticut to get a Sandkats Munchkin from Sandie and Ken??" :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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LOL That would be a LONG drive for any cat. Of course you are always welcome to make the trip. It's great being in the Cat Fancy. I get to see the breeds,and usually get to hold them. I don't think there's a cat out there that I wouldn't love. For now, my heart belongs to my domestics, Munchkins, and my Maine Coon. I hope to add another Maine Coon to the house in the future
I was going to say another good breed is the Turkish Angora, they are SO outgoing and loving. The only thing is that they are very active.
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I love my Ragdoll, Simon; he is a fantastic companion and loves my husband and I equally (which is why I'm iffy on the idea of getting a Wegie).

I don't care for cats bouncing off the walls, swinging from drapes, etc. I just hope Tonks aren't *that* active... I would love to make a Tonk the next member of our household.... Of course, I could also scoop up a Ragdoll and an American Shorthair, too.

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I have a tonkinese cat, and they are definitely a lot of fun! She is very affectionate, and follows us around like a little dog. They do require a lot of attention, almost to the point of being clingy, and will sulk if you are away from home too much. Lexxus is extremely talkative, but her voice isn't abrasive like a siamese. She speaks in a wide range of chirps and little mews.
As for activity, they do get into a lot of things. Mine frequently wakes me up in the middle of the night to try and start a game of fetch; I tried to end this by putting her toys away, but she'll just bring me any other random object she can carry in her mouth. They are strange little guys!
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Yeah, my thought was if I was getting one, I'd better go ahead and get two! lol
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can I put another thought in your head? How about an Abyssinian? I have Rocket and he's a fun, active, playful, and loving cat who i'd never trade for the world.
Just a thought to help ya out..
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The Abyssinian is much too active for my liking, or so all reading material makes it seem. I have two birds and wish to own a fairly calm kitty. I know all are individuals, but the more laidback the breed, the better.

I'm glad that you found your perfect match, though. I'll bet your hands are full at times!

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How about a blue lynxx? I have one he is very sweet and loveble,they are part of the siamese family.
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I think you should get a Russian Blue!!!!!!!!!

If you want affection then you can't go wrong!!! Also they tend to open doors! Also they are very graceful and look like ballet dancers when they run up walls etc :tounge2:
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Yes Abyssinians are a handful at times but I love rocket to death and wouldn't trade him for the world. I hope you find your perfect kitty too!
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How about a bengal? We have 3 of them and they are a riot!
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I'm not very experienced with the breeds you mentioned, but you might consider a Himalayan. Their disposition is similar to the Ragdoll, gentle, docile, loving. Good with children, if you ever have any over. I grew up with a himmie and I still miss her! She was very sweet and wonderful! She was very attached to me. She would follow me around the neighborhood when I rode my bike, and later when I drove, knew exactly which car was mine and would sprint out to the middle of the yard to greet me whenever I pulled into the driveway!

Jugen - I'm intrigued that you also have a cat named Rocket! My Rocket is a flame-point DMH. His mother was an orange tabby and his father was a seal-point Siamese. When Rocket was a baby, his ears and tail were about the only thing orange! He reminded me of these cream-filled popsicles we used to eat when kids - rocket pops! Hence his name. Of course, he was a little ball of fire too - so his name turned out to be very appropriate!

Everyone always comments on his name and I'd never heard of another cat named Rocket til I saw your post on this thread! What does your Rocket look like?
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