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An acquaintance from India emailed me this story.

"Woh aa gaya!" These three words, everyone whispers, within minutesof death in any home in Jalaap Mohalla of Jodhpur. 'He' arrives and momentarily, relatives of the deceased stop their work. The sobbing ladies lift their veils to gaze at 'him'. The men look at each other in bewilderment. While 'he' somberly sits at the doorstep. Ready to accompany the dead. 'His' 100th funeral.
'He' is a black dog - humble street dog ! But people of walled city revere him as a truth beyond comprehension. Because, where ever he might be, he un failingly reaches any home where someone dies. Trots along the dead carried on shoulders to cremation ground, attends the funeral, bathes along with the men on their way home. And for 12 days of mourning...doesnot leave the home.
Just after death he arrives and goes to the person closest to the deceased and puts his head in the lap of that person and even tears trickle from his eyes. He hardly barks. Sits at the doorstep all day. If one lures him with sweets he cares not. At night, after accepting a cup of milk from the family he leaves like a stranger.
This has been going on for nine years. And he is such a well behaved and gentle dog in general that even cats and pups of the street play with him.
All those who say, "Animals have no feelings", must go to Jodhpur and see this little angel.