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Application adivce?

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OK. I'm filling out a job application for MP. It's like a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: novel. Here's where I'm running into trouble. It says: "Check the general cateogries below in which you have experience and are interested in working. If you have no experience, but are interested, check below, stop here, & then give your application to a staffing specialist for further discussion."

I checked the boxes & then stopped below. I mean, I have some experience, but not really enough. It's like "copying" then "number of years". I don't exactly have years. It's sorta on & off.

Should I stop there?
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If you have experience, put that. If it's only in "months", then write that instead of checking the box for "years".

All experience is good experience.

I remember way back in the mid 1980's when I was trying to get my first office job I was caught in that "without experience I couldn't get a job" type thing. So I did something you shouldn't really do, and that was go to the library and borrow books on various software and machines such as faxes, telex machines etc, and studied up on them and wrote on my resume that I had the experience.

I did get a job, but the first few days were dicey Luckily they had really ancient office equipment (I mean 30 year old type stuff!!!) and I was able to fudge that I had never seen or worked equipment like what they had.

However, I don't recommend embellishing like I did. It worked out ok for me, but that was mostly luck.
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Ooooh, sorry Nat..I don't really get what you mean..I would have to see the app to help you..sorry hun
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I mean, I've used some of those things....but like...our copy machine is ancient. Ummm....I'm thinking I might send them my application & call the person I'm to send it to as well. Offer to show her in person how proficient(or not) I am.
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Oh gosh, you're plenty smart enough to figure out a copy machine in a matter of minutes, even a fancy one! The real issue with copying as part of a job description is not knowing which buttons to push -- anybody can learn that. It's really about your ability to organize the material to be copied in such a way as to be able to do the job accurately and efficiently. And you've done that, right? Go ahead and list your experience!
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