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Vomiting & Lethargy

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We noticed our 9 month old neuter Siamese Koda was lethargic on Saturday and had thrown up several times over night. Nothing in his environment had changed, except: I buy kitten & adult iams dry and mix it together since I figured it would be a happy medium for he and his adult sister to eat until he's grown. I bought a new bag last week and I believe it was Friday night when I put out the first bowl of the fresh mixture. The only difference from what they normally eat is that I *might* have picked up a different flavor of the adult food, but I've done that before, and of course I try to get it 1/2 and 1/2 but the mixture isn't always exact.

Once we realized he was sick, I watched him closely all day Saturday and saw him eventually drinking, and later eating, and by evening he was 100% back to his old kitteny self. He stayed that way Sunday as well. However, we got home this evening and he's vomiting and lethargic again.

He's still walking around and talking, and we plan to take him to his regular vet tomorrow. I know the last time I called the vet with a cat in similar condition, they said it could wait for the morning. In the meantime, is there anything we should look for to remove from his environment?

I'd say it's the food, but his sister eats from the same bowl and is fine. This is a semi-kitten who likes to eat anything edible (thankfully we've never seen him eat inedible objects), including all sorts of human food you wouldn't think a cat would like. I wonder if his little belly just hasn't had enough of it and has become super sensitive... but usually that sort of stuff isn't accompanied by lethargy, right?
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If I understood correctly, there was a new food introduced to Koda on Friday?

If so, I would take it away...go back to what was being served before then.

Different cats react differently to food changes and specific ingredients. He may be having a reaction to something in the new food, or he may just be sensitive to the change.
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