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The Boogie Check..This is hiliarious

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Ok so my oldest daughter is a priss. And has an obsession with checking for boogies. Maybe because her little sister likes to pick her nose. Ive tried correcting this but the only thing I can think of that would stop her is using the no chew spray and spraying it up her nose so she doesnt eat them (yea its gross but shes only three so sometimes its still funny...) I love her tho...Shes my lil boogie picker! But anyways onto the funny part. Maddi and I made up a picture thing called the boogie check. She helped me do this today and I thought it would be funny for you guys to see. So enjoy!

Anyone see any boogies..I know I can feel em up there.

Are you SURE you cant see any?

Im looking Im looking...I can see up your nose better from this angle

Two thumbs up!! I cant see any boogies!

Thank you for participating in Madilynn Bryanna's Boogie Check!

*~Shes my baby doll!!! I just love her~*
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Awww, She's a doll Great pics
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That is quite disturbing...but in a cute way
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How funny!! And she is too cute!! How old is she??
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She just turned 4 Feb 28th. And her sister the boogie picker just turned 3 April 7th. They are exactly 13 mths and one week apart..And born 4 hours exactly apart. Maddi was born at 730 at night and Katy at 330 in the afternoon. Freaky...Although I made the decision to have Maddi that day because I wasnt going to have a diff dr since they were closing the maternity dept in my hospital..She was the last girl delivered in that maternity dept. Katy however made her own appearance giving me no warning whatsoever and was actually 8 wks early weighing 7 lbs already and 21 inches long...**Awwww I wish they were still lil babies...And couldnt talk back to mommy...**
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Awww, she's so cute!
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What a sweetie! Nothing wrong with a boogie check - better then using momma shirt to wipe them out (that's what my 2 yr old does)
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Mine like to use my pants...LOL..Especially my fav pair of sweatpants...You know its funny how most people are like EWWW about boogies and stuff but moms or people who are around lil kids a lot dont get all icked out about it...LOL..Its just normal everyday stuff for us to have boogies, blood, and gross things around or on us...Lemme tell ya I dont miss changing diapers onnnneeee bit!!!! LOL
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