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Mila and Monty

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Cat pictures from me and it's not Nikita this time around. I spent the weekend visiting a good friend of mine who has two lovely cats. Mila, a five year old black DLH female with green eyes and Monty a huge grey DSH neutered tom that's now 14 year old but still very healthy, happy and beautiful.

Here's Mila being a princess in the garden. It's a stunning well fenced off garden that the cats enjoy very much.

So pretty in the flowers.

Sitting in and then stalking through the grass that almost completely matches her eyes

Greeting Monty

Here's Monty on his own, he wasn't quite as much of a poser as Mila this time around.

To show Monty a bit better, here is a photo of him from 2005.
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They are both adorable but I am TOTALLY in LOVE with MILA
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Wow what a gorgeous girl Mila is and she knows it too........... Monty is precious too and looks exceptionally good for an older baby, but Mila is just breathtaking
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You take such great pictures
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Beautiful pictures! Georgous cats!
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Those are a couple of gorgeous cats!
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very pretty kitties!
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what beautiful kitties they are and great photos !!
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Oh what gorgeous cats! I didn't know that my Sophie had a
"separated at birth" twin! My goodness they look alike! And both spoiled rotten!
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Very nice.
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Oh my word wheres Milas tiara?, she's a princess alright!

Your babies are gorgeous!!
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You have a talent!!!! I've never seen a black cat so pretty!
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