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I am so mad

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My boyfriend just got approved for a 2 year lease on a car. Sounds like it should be a good thing but now his mom is saying she has heard of those people and they aren't nice. We were supposed to buy a Volkswagen Jetta last week but then his dad started saying it had rust (which we couldn't see, I just think his dad is crazy) so we didn't get it. The car is still there and I still think we should get it and so does his mom.

His battery exploded for the second time last week on his car. Canadian Tire will no longer warranty a battery for him (we just bought one less than a year ago with a 3 year warranty) plus his car wont go in first gear or reverse without turning the car off and putting it in gear and then turning the car back on. This car is no longer going to be driven.

He has been driving his dads truck (which he drove for like 8 months last year with no problems) but all of the sudden his dad wont let him drive the truck anymore unless it is to work and nothing else. We have like absolutely no food in this house right now and need to go grocery shopping on Thursday but now we have no vehicle to drive. Tomorrow my boyfriend is supposed to go and do a test for a new job he might be getting and Wednesday I have to get my work schedule (can't call...I have to go in) but we are not allowed to take the truck anymore. Taxi's are not an option either as I live out in the country. It costs $16 each way and I only work 4 hour shifts, $8.25 an hour so basically every time I work I'd be paying for a taxi and making $1 for myself.

I wish I had never moved in here. I need to move out but I really don't have the money. Here all I pay for is groceries.

I really don't know what to do. We don't have a ton of money to buy a car. The lease would suck because we don't actually own the car but we need a car so bad right now that I think we are going to have to. We both have fairly bad credit so can't get a loan.
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Go with what you need to go with. If its your decision and you two are paying for it screw his parents. Take the Jetta to a garage that will look over it for you to tell you if there is anything wrong and if there is haggle the price down!!!! If you were closer to me I would tell you exactly where to go and they would def make sure you werent getting screwed over. My bf's parents are up his butt about everything. Dave cant even control his finances and his mom wont let me do it even tho we own the house we live it and I take care of paying the bills. His mom wont even let Dave add me onto his bank account so we can have a joint one.We cant get a car either because we dont have good credit, his from being a dummie and mine from medical bills Im fighting about getting paid off. If his parents are being that ridulous about him using the car when you know you HAVE to have one. Get the Jetta. They are amazing cars and last forever if you take care of them. And they are actually really hard to ruin and beat the crap out of...
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The problem is, we live with his parents so we have to listen to them complaining. The good thing about the Jetta is, the guy who is selling it is a mechanic. It looks like it is in great condition except for their is a crack in the windshield. Its on the inside passenger side though so its not a problem. Even if it became a problem, we could just get a new one from the junkyard for like $100. The Jetta is being sold for $1700, it is already e-tested, it just needs to be certified and then its ready to go. Thats a really good deal. It would have been better if it was diesel but its still a good deal.
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That is a great deal..And your right a windshield can be fixed easily..(unfortunatly for mine it wasnt that simple... still missing my car..): His dad need to realize that you guys are adults. You need to make your own decisions. You are making a good decision about the car. Its a good car, good price and its not going to strap you down to the point where you wouldnt be able to move out. You guys gotta talk together (you and your bf) and then the two of you need to sit his parents down and give them the "Dad we are growing up" talk. If he is still being a brat about the situation you need to take a step back and look and see if the situation is best for you. I know I would go nuts in less than 24 hrs if I lived with Daves parents....I hope it all works out for you I know how crappy it is not having a car...and hopefully talking to his parents would work, atleast to make them realize that they cant keep you strapped to the house you have other resposible adult stuff to do like grocery shopping, getting your work schedule. Its not like you guys are being flakes!
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Yup... I agree too! You are an adult and if you want to get a frickin' car.... then it should be up to you- and not anyone else
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Oh trust me I wouldn't have moved in here if I could have avoided it. We used to live alone but it was $750 a month ($800 in the summer). Then buying food, gas, vet bills (Milos neuter cost us over $400) and other stuff, we just couldn't afford it.

Now I have to work tomorrow so at least that is an excuse to go out. My boyfriend is going to do a test at Bell World because more than likely he is going to be working there soon. Then he is going to test drive the Jetta and talk to the guy some more about it. He said he might see if the guy will get it certified before we buy it and we will pay for it.
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