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They know something I dont?

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Let me preface this by telling you that I'm 33 wks pregnant. My 2 kitties havent left my side for over 2 weeks now. Every time I lay down in bed (which is quite often) one or the other is on top of me purring her head off.

Do you think they know something I don't? Kaeli follows me around the house when I'm home from work, when I'm up in the morning, meowing and purring and demanding more attention than usual. Abbey wakes me up or gets up with me when I go to the loo, then lays with me and purrs me back to sleep at night.

It makes ya wonder what's going on in their heads sometimes
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My pickles did that when I was prego with Maddi...Maddi came outta me purring..LOL..he loved to lay on my belly...Maybe they are giving you the hint to get ready the baby is coming soon. Have you hit that stage where your obsessed with getting everything cleaned up and ready and fiddling with the babies room. Everyone says thats a clear shot sign that the babies coming. Everyone of my prego friends say they experianced it too!!!!
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Cats do get that protective sense when their meowmy is preggo!! I think its so cute!
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I think they are just trying to let you know that they will love the new little one.
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They are already bonding with the baby. 3 of mine did it with me during both pregnancies. I think that Merlin was trying to commune with Kevin inutero(sp) so that he could have a little evil follower to follow in his evil pawprints!
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