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Clear fluid ?

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clear fluid coming out , is that normal ?
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if its clear that sounds fine , maybe its her waters breaking?
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Any more news? Hows it going? Is she ok? Just wondering i am a big cat lover and was just worring and wondering. Smiles to you and ur baby!
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well she is sleeping and hiding under my daughters bed, so my daghter is sleeping in my bed. she is normaly a VERY loving kitty but she atacked me earlier when i went to go pet her. i do not know if that is normal? but she seems like it hurts when i touch her belly, i do not know whats going on, i just hope this is normal!
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It sounds like she is getting closer and just wants her own space. Some cats will become extra affectionate before delivery and wont let you leave their side while others will become a little aggresive and defensive and just want to be left alone. I would just keep checking every so often to see how she is without getting too close as to worry her.

Does she have a nesting box set up for her somewhere as it might not be the safest place for her to deliver her kittens under your daughter's bed. Do you have a room you can confine her to that she can have to herself. This will help her feel safe and secure and she is more likely to settle. Also it will help with problems regarding her moving the kittens after birth.

Hope all is well,

Emma x x
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The signs of impending labor are:

*Her vulva will swell a little and turn pink around 2-3 days before.

* She may either want you to not leave her side even for a minute or not want to be near you at all.

*She will become restless, may go off her food and scratch at things, as if she is trying to make a nest. Provide several nesting places for her so she can choose one she likes when the time comes. If she chooses an awkward spot such as behind the sofa or in a cupboard, don't try to move her and the kittens, just make the area comfortable (clear out the cupboard and put towels or blankets down) and make it safe for the kittens by using rolled blankets around the nesting area to stop the kittens falling, wandering off or getting 'lost'.

*About 12-24 hours before the birth, she will lose her mucous plug. This is a clump of clear or pinkish mucous that blocked the birth canal.

*You will notice a clear, pinkish or slightly blood-stained discharge from her vagina. If the discharge is greenish or brown, she may have an infection or a kitten that has died in-utero and she needs to see a vet ASAP.

*She may develop diarrhoea about 12 hours before the birth.
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aww, sounds like things are beginning to progress for your moma

Lots of great advise, so I'm sending lots of positive and soothing birthing ((((( vibes ))))) for your sweet kitty

Keep us posted !
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Well we started having kitten around 3 am first one in black and white , the next one is orange stripes, she had that one at 630 this morning , i am wondering how long in between babies is too long? also i saw another sac coming after the second one but i left her ther for a half hour and came back to see how she was doing and the sac is gone and there is no third baby, whats that???
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Are you sure that might not be the placenta that came out. The cat eats that right away (at least mine did). This afterbirth should come out after each kitten.
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