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Update on Baby Lu

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I got an update today on my sweet, funny former foster girl, Lucy (aka Baby Lu). Her new mom reports that after almost a week her her new home Lucy and her brother, Buddy, while still working out their relationship, do touch noses, share the bed (while keeping their distance) and have started playing chase. Lucy hasn't sat on her mom's lap again yet, but loves being picked up and cuddled. Her mom has also gotten to see Lucy's playful side and gets a kick out of watching her play "flip the mouse," Lucy's game of tossing a stuffed mouse of in the air and catching it.

So, as much as I'm missing Baby Lu's craziness, it's great to hear how she's settling in and that she's making her new mom happy. The best part is her mom says I'm welcome to visit Lucy (which I'll do, of course) and I may even have the chance to petsit over the summer. How cool would that be?

That's all for now!
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That's so aweswome, Eileen! I'm so happy for Baby Lu and her new family!
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Thats fantastic!

Baby Lu must be having a wonderful time!
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That's great Eileen, sounds like she's really at HOME...I hope Sam gets a wonderful home like that soon.
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Thats very good!! I am so glad to hear shes doing so well.
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I'm glad to hear she's adjusted well!!
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Awww, what great news Eileen, you must be so pleased
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I'm so happy she is doing so well.That must ease your heart knowing that.
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I was just thinking about Little Lu today. That's a fantastic update! It sounds like she's really settling in. That's fantastic that you'll get to visit her!
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Yippee, it sounds like she is in a great home!
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