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Could you/Would you be president?

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Many people(me included) are not happy with how the US is being run.

My question is this: Would you want to be president? And if you could be, do you think you could do a good job?

I would never want to be president. That job would suck, to put it lightly. I just do not have the finesse or patience to deal with all the problems, nor do I want to!
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No WAY would I want the job - it's a 24-hour a day job, and the politics dealing with a group of 12 people is tough enough, never mind having to try to work with Congress!
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Heck no! No matter what you do, everyone hates you!

Besides, I am definitely not PC enough. The press would hate me because the first time one of them asked me one of their infamously stupid questions, I would ask them "Are you on drugs or just stupid?" I would have no problem telling the members of Congress to suck up and deal, and figure out how to get along, and stop pandering to the extremes of your party. Nope, no one would like me!
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That'd be a big NO WAY from me, too. Those people look OLD after 4-8 years!
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I could just see me telling someone they're a "wang" or to "shut the up!". IRL, I am very blunt & sometimes rude.

The upside is, if I were president, it would be mandatory that all pets are spayed/neutered unless you are a breeder(& not BYBs)!
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No way - far too much like hard work!
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Ohh I could never be president. And I don't want to either. It is too much work and I would rather be having a good time.
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& Of course I'd outsource the job to Oprah in a hurry.
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Could you be president? Would you be president?

The answer is no and no.
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i have been asked twice to run for school board here.
but there is no way i could do it. People do not like the truth. lol and i tend to be kinda direct in person however president that would give me the chance to upset a whole a lot of people
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Umm...I think if I was president, my approval rating would be WAY down...actually I don't think I could get hired into office period...


I would be telling too many people to get over themselves.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
I would be telling too many people to get over themselves.
Me too! I would also be telling them to move on!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
Me too! I would also be telling them to move on!
Yea I could just picture myself saying this:

"You don't like the way I'm running this country? Get the out!"
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Some where in the constitution of the USA it says we the people for the people. I believe that our government should be run like our jury system. It would choose so many people from different classes of citizens to run the country for 4 years........ That would get rid of these power hungry polititians......The voice of the people would at least be heard this way.
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Yes and yes. It was one of those far-off dreams I had as a little girl. I'm very diplomatic and live by the saying "You can't please all of the people all of the time but you can please most of the people some of the time" which is pretty much what a presidency boils down to (and something that Dubya has failed miserably at!). While I never plan on running for President, I do have a goal of becoming involved in local politics within the next ten years. I also feel that seeing people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as viable presidential candidates give other women and non-Caucasians that they, too, could be president one day and I think that is a great thing!
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There was a similar question given to a lot of people in a poll.

Would you like to be President of the USA for 1 month or would you like to spend 1 month in jail?

80+% of the people said they would rather spend a month in jail!

And NO I would not want the job thank you
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A month in jail or a month as a pres?
I'll take the pres position thank you very much.
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I'm too blunt and have no patience for politics or the PC stupidity that goes along with it to be President. Emperor on the other hand would suit me just fine.
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I don't think I would necessarily like the job but I would be interested in giving it a try. After all, they say you should never criticise someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

I am very outspoken in my criticism of both your president and our prime minister. I am not saying I would be a great president, but I think I would be a better one than either of those two, not necessarily from all perspectives, but I would not condone (or in fact perpetuate) human rights atrocities at the expense of my own people. That in itself would make me a better president.

I think it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Which means that in order to have the privilege you should be one of the world's most competent, humane, intelligent and compassionate people. None of which characteristics are particularly evident in the leaders of either your country or mine
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Would you want to be president? No way. I'd have to lie, cheat, steal, hold my tongue and worst of all.... be politically correct. I'm the most un-PC woman I know. I'm honest about the truth.

And if you could be, do you think you could do a good job? Refer to above... I'd do a horrible job. I hate politics anyway which is why I totally suck at being politically correct.

2008 should be interesting. I'm going to hibernate until late November.
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