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California Natural ok for fat cats???

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Ok Im thinking of switching my cats dry diet to something more easing to the stomach! they are on EVO right now and as much as they LOVE it the fat cat has had some diarrhea and vomitting issues! I refuse to put my fat cat back on weight managment food because that is how he gained so much weight in the first place... Don't ask why but he got real fat on weight management food when only being served about 1/2 a cup a day (which isn't much)! I had to take the cats off of their felidae wet because the combo of felidae wet and EVO dry caused some serious issues! I would like to gradually get them back on a wet diet and still give them that 1/2 a cup of dry for the day (they will not tolerate all wet just yet because they are new to the scene)! Anyways I am off track... I was reading that the Natural has alot of protein and carbs... My fat cat is active but he is no kitten! Will this go against his goal to loose some pounds?
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The chicken and rice might work; it has slightly higher than average protein, relatively low fat and carbs, and about average calories per cup. I would not use the herring and sweet potato for weight loss, because it is much higher in carbs (40% instead of 27%).
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I was noticing that! This wouldn't be such a complex issue if my fat cat could drop a few pounds gradually! I just can't get him to loose weight! Granted he is a little lazy but him and the kitten go buckwild wrestling and chasing eachother... So he is getting far more exercise then before and no change whatsoever!
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As long as you feed controlled portions, and continue trying w/the wet food, I think it's worth a shot. I'm currently switching my Wally to it- he's still at 80% Cal Nat and 20% his old food, but so far, so good. He's had sensitivity issues w/prior food switches, so I understand your worries about that. Best of luck.
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Thank you it's been a challenge! Getting them to like wet was a challenge and the finally started to love it and then I had to take it out of the equation! I think I will get them used to their new dry for a couple weeks before I start adding wet into the equation again!
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cal natural is a good protein leval 36 and a good fat leval 18
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Thanks Sharky and everyone else! I was stumped for a second as to where to go next with their food! This helps alot!
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I asked the company to send me samples awhile back and all of my cats LOVED it -- that is amazing in itself.

It does seem to have a good Protien ratio, but I will have to special order because of where I live.

My girlfriend from Germany uses this product and just LOVES it. Her cats all have very shinny - shinny coats.

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Oh I am so glad to get all this positive feedback!
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