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That was too close

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I was on my way to the pet store earlier today and walking down a relatively busy commercial street, I saw this little girl walking on the sidewalk. Seems like she was around 2 years old, 3 at the most.
She was walking casually towards the street when I realized that there was no one else nearby (no parents in sight). By then she was off the sidewalk heading towards traffic. So I walked towards her, stopped her and gently herded her back towards the sidewalk and she ran back into a nearby store (probably where her parents were)

I didn't think much of the whole thing at first but after walking away, it really hit me. That little girl came so close to walking into uncoming traffic. And I really don't understand how I could have been so casual about the whole thing. Shouldn't I have been scared?
I actually wasn't really thinking about the whole thing when it happened. It made me realize just how easily I could have not done anything. I know I wouldn't intentionally let a little kid get into danger, but I don't think I was acting intentionally either way.
Ok, I don't know if I'm making any sense. I'm still kind of shaken by the whole thing. I guess I should just be happy the little girl is safe.

p.s. I know I really should have gone inside the store with her to find her parents and let them know what happened, but I really hadn't realized how serious the situation was.
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Atleast you were there in the first place. Thats the most important you helped stop a potentially dangerous situation.
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sounds like her parents could have used a leash glad you were there Marie!
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It is wonderful that you did this without thinking about it, just on instinct. In those situations, we just do without conscious thought. You did good! You were her guardian angel today. Sounds like she may need lots of strangers stepping in until she gets old enough to take care of herself.
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One time I was walking with my best friend and his wife and their then-four-year-old boy, and the little boy did just that, went right for the street. I was so concerned about not wanting to interfere in their handling of their child that I almost didn't stop him in time! I did, though, and after a moment, I realized how stupid that was, and of course they were horrified that they'd gotten ahead of us and didn't see what was happening... but yes, sometimes it takes a village to keep a child from getting run over.
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Wow, good for you. You are a hero!

A similar thing happened to me when we first moved here. I met another mom, who also had a young daughter. She let her two year-old out of the car, then leaned into the back seat to get something. The kid took off behind the car and headed straight for the street!

I caught her and thought, "Note to self: do not EVER let this woman take care of my daughter!"
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Wormy does her good deed for the day in style! Great job, Marie!
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I have never had to stop a kid from going into the street but last summer at the river I stopped a kid from possibly hurting another kid with a pocket knife, I saw him put the blade up to the kids neck and my mind went blank and I kind of went into autopilot, and walked up behind the kid and grabbed his arm and pulled his hand away from the other kid and yelled at him.
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That little girl was so lucky to have you as her angel! It makes me so angry that parents can just let child wander off like that. That little girl and her parents have you to thank for her life!
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