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Another one!!

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This one is only a temporary foster though!! The rescue lady has had a phone call off a friend, they know of a 6 month old who has been chucked out after having had a litter of kittens, her 'owners' have now gone on hol, asked neighbours to look after cat - not left a key, or any food. So, the little mite is coming to us, she deserves better than that. So, if you dont see a lot of me the next 3 weeks, it is cos I have 6 cats again (I do remember saying I was going to stay at 4, not sure what happened there!!), and am too busy for the PC!!
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Good luck with the kitties!
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Thanks - I must be bonkers. I have reached my second aim though, which is to foster more cats than I did last year - just didn't think I would reach that aim by early May!!
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look out!! you're getting pretty close to my number!! how sad for the little girl, i know she'll be happy with you!! Good luck
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You aren't bonkers, you know when there's a kitty in need!
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Thanks guys, I do still think I am bonkers, 6 cats is a lot of work for me with work and the internet addiction, but I can't leave a 6mo unneutered female who has recently had kittens outside!! She is going to the rescue when the lady is back off her hols though.
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Best of luck, you are a very devoted kitty lover to help out with so many!
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Good luck and I hope she adjusts well and you are able to find her a forever home SOON.
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Cheers guys. I am sure this little one will find a home easily as she is so young. Mine dont like such young cats but hopefully Shabba and Lucy will!!
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She's only 6 months and she's had babies!!

You angel for taking in another
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She looks older fortunatley, am going to take her to the vets tomorrow hopefully.
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