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Jan, I'm still praying for the safe return of your sweet Ari...many good thoughts coming your way
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Try to stay positive - it will give you more ideas for finding him. I had a cat that went missing for two weeks once and then suddenly turned up one day. Good vibes for Ari.
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Checking in to see if Ari has been found. Please dont give up Jan!

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I keep hoping I'm going to open this thread and see that Ari is home safe and sound and tormenting Topaz.
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Still praying for you Jan.
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I was so hoping he would be home by now! Please Ari, your meowmy needs you!
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sending get home safe vibes.
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Saying another little prayer that Ari comes home tonight. And sending comfort vibes to you, Jan
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He's still not home?! The poor boy must be so scared out there

Sending out huge vibes for him to come home safely!
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Just want to let you know we're thinking of you, and hope Ari comes home very soon

If you haven't already, contact your local shelter/vet and see if you rent a cat trap to put out with yummy food in it - maybe that will catch him?

I can imagine how you must feel, our Lily is an inside cat, and also very shy, and I would be beside myself with fear if she got out

Hope you're holding up ok.
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Poor little sweetie! I was hoping I would read some good news...Come home Ari! We're all waiting for you!
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Just sending some more Come home }}}vibes{{{ and
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More and vibes for Ari to come home. *yells really loud so he can hear her from NC* "ARI! ARI! Come home, kitty kitty kitty boy! ARI".....
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I to had hoped to open this and see that he was home.
Ari, you have so many people praying that you will find your way back home to your Meowmy!!! COME HOME SOON!
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Baby Ari! Come home soon! Your Momma needs you!
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No Ari...

Was up at about 4am and tried calling. Topaz wanted breakfast but I told her to wait. Just got up a few minutes ago and noticed she wasn't sitting by my bed to nag me about breakfast. Yep, she went out through the window and I had to let her in.

Thank you, everybody, for your vibes and prayers. I'm still working on a flyer, but everytime I start, I can't stop crying. I can't help but assume the worst.
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Oh Jan, I was hoping for good news from you. I'm saying so many prayers to bring home Ari
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Jan, is there a local rescue or someone who can help you look for him in the hard to reach places? Keep strong and get the flyer done. The sooner it is out there, the better

Ari, get your little you-know-what home right away.
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Oh Jan, don't be thinking the worst. Maybe Topaz can help you find Ari. Maybe he could hear her and will know to come out. I just know he is out there hiding somewhere, and waiting til it gets dark and quiet...
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I keep coming back and checking, hoping Ari has found his way home. I know this must be nerve wracking for you. I hope he comes home soon.
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Jan Honey, I just saw this........many many good wishes coming your way.......
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I hope Ari makes his way home soon. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I've been through this before (Karnu went missing for 2 weeks), so I can sympathize with you. Stay strong and continue sending "come home" vibes to Ari, and we will all do the same.
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Still thinking of you and sending vibes for Ari to get his furry butt home.
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I was hoping for good news, don't think the worst Jan My daughters cat was gone for over a week and showed up Come home Ari were waiting for you
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I finally managed to put a flyer together. I hope to be able to get a copy to my vet and the county animal control tomorrow. Unfortunately, the no-kill facility is only open M-W.
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Jan, thinking of you and sending more come home vibes

Ari, come on, fella, time to stop messing with Mum's mind and come home.
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Continued prayers coming your way for Ari's safe return home.
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I'm still praying Jan!

Ari, please come home!! We're all SO worried about you!
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Still sending {{{{{Come Home Ari }}}}}vibes. Ari is still in my prayers.
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Still keeping you and Aristotle in my Prayers.
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