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Dang, no Ari came home overnight... Come on home now, boy.
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I just now saw this.I am sending come home soon vibes that way.
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Just sending some more Come home vibes to Ari and some to you.
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Come home Ari, there are so many people worried about you
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I was so hoping that Ari would be home by now. Come on Ari, it is time to come home.
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Sending many "Come home soon" vibes.
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What!!!? Ari, your still not home with your meowmy yet?? You better get your booty home. Everyone is worried sick about you!

Many more HUGS and vibes for you Jan. I know you must be so sick with worry.
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Prayers and good vibes for Ari that he comes home safely
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Thank you to everyone for your good thoughts and wishes.

About 4AM I heard a commotion on our front porch that sounded like a cat fight and something hit the porch floor. By the time I got there, the porch was empty and the shovel had been knocked over.

I have dry food out.

What is so frustrating is that I am physically unable to explore parts of our yard.

I miss him.
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OMG, Jan! Maybe there's a stray come round and that's why he's in hiding.... maybe you can put a chair under the window and leave it open so he can climb up and back in, but keep Topaz shut away????

Wish I was closer, I'd hop over and help you look for sure.
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maybe its time to sleep , during the day, and sit out at night with some food for him? or like someone else posted set up a trap with food.

Come home Aristotle there is alot of people worried about you....
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Jan, did you look at the lost pets site I gave you the link to? LOTS of good info there to help you.

I just KNOW he's close and wants to come back in but it is scary outside.

Your best bet is to find him in the wee hours. He won't come when called, but will respond to the sound of your voice talking in a normal tone.

Also, please try putting a litter box out on your porch for him with used litter in it - the smell will help him to stick close.

BIG I know what you are going through and I wish I could help more!

Ari, come home to Meowmy ASAP, young man!!!
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Come on home Ari, you've had your adventure and meowmy is very upset and misses you.

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ARI GET YOUR FUZZY BUTT HOME TO MEOWMY RIGHT NOW!!! Im hope he comes home soon...please keep us updated..my girls kept you in their prayers at bedtime..
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Is there any way you can set a live trap for him?

He's likely closer to home than you think. Are there any wells, cellars, or the like near you? Check those. Check rafters and any pipes that may have an open end outdoors. Look from about 1-6AM. Scatter soiled litter outside the house, especially near the trap if you can get one.

to you
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Originally Posted by WhosaMyHercules View Post
now now Ari your not being fair on mommy
come on home Ari mommys worried sick....

Sending lots of good luck and come home safe Vibes
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I have been gone for a few days and just caught this thread. I would like to offer prayers and vibes for you and Ari for him to return safely. I went straight to the end after the first page hoping for good news.
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Sending more "Come home Ari" vibes.
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Ari, sweetie, it is time to come home where you are safe and loved.
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Nothing yet. The food hasn't been touched. I tried to get up about 3-4 AM but the stress caught up with me and I slept until 7.

The back window is open and I am looking for something to put under it so that the jump isn't as high. (It's about 6 foot. Past cats have used this window to get in and out of, but they were indoor/outdoor cats. Back when this area had fewer people.)

I am so depressed.
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Just checking in to see if there were any updates.

I'm still keeping you and Aristotle in my Prayers.
Come home, safe, sound and soon sweet boy.
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Don't give up hope. I know it must seem like an eternity but it's not really long. Is there a neighbour or friend who could help search your yard?
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I am sending more come home Ari vibes!
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Oh no, Jan!

I've just seen this! Many, many, come home }}}VIBES{{{ winging their way to Ari

Stay positive, Jan
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just checking in on any news still sending

come on home vibes
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Jan! Just found this thread -- I'm so sorry sweet Ari is missing.

Ari -- sweetie -- come on home now -- Mummy's worried sick.

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dont give up. keep looking!!!
i pray that you find him soon HUG
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Oh my gosh Jan!! I'm so sorry that Ari is missing!!

Sending lots of return home safe vibes & prayers
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Oh gosh, I was hoping to see some good news in this thread today

Sending more "come home soon" vibes
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Wow Jan, I'm so sorry I'm just finding this thread. I so hope Ari comes home soon. Lots of safe return vibes being sent to Ari
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